Tuesday 25 June 2024

Fresh Aire and Frugal Living

Badger Visits

We have had a few beautiful days of sunshine followed by lovely sunsets and visits from fox, pine marten and badgers.
Pine Marten Visits

The pine marten was very brave and ventured onto the decking for his supper despite there being a campervan parked just a few metres away - hopefully, the occupant managed to catch a glimpse of our little mustelid friend. 

Frugaldom isn't just a nature project, sanctuary and aire site for campervans, we are also about frugality, freedom and self-sustainability. We alsonhope to further expand on the environmental art project. With the arrival of some better weather, work turned to huts and gardens. Inside hut 3 has been painted by volunteer David and we can now focus on the surrounding, outside areas. The herb garden is looking great - help yourself or request cuttings of anything you need. Nearby, the raised beds are being given a makeover and then the potting shed can be brought back into regular use.  Composting is high on the agenda, as is replenishing our farm gate 'shop' where visitors can help themselves to whatever is at the Trading Post.

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