To Do List #3

2018 New Year Resolutions and Challenges

  1. Live on £4,000 for the year (2018 will be year 12 for this and I'm confident that it can still be done.)
  2. Grocery Challenge - included within the above total - £1/person/day on food
  3. Frugaleur Challenge - Expanding and developing the micro-business
  4. Get fitter, not fatter - always trying!
  5. Save all loose change
  6. Eco-renovate without incurring debt - this was a 5-year challenge, started in 2011, but kind of failed: we invested the renovation savings into more land and property so eco-renovation remains on the cards for the forseeable future.
  7. EEK - Everything Else Kitty - all other spending must be cost or cash neutral
  8. Grow more food
  9. Develop the Frugaldom project to open it to the public in 2018
  10. Develop Frugal Breaks to offer caravan and cottage holidays
As well as all of the above, I would still love to see the Aurora Borealis but as yet, it has eluded me.


  1. HEllo there....writing from Cyprus....used to be a member and posted on the forums.dont seem to be able to find it.any help?cheers,

  2. Hello there writing from cyprus used to be a member of the frugaldom forums and posted on them.can't seem to find the forums.please send a link.cheers!


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