Sunday 16 June 2024

Hutting and Wildlife Watching at Solstice

Scottish hutting - small wooden hut 

Fast approaching summer solstice so we are planning an overnight wildlife watch

Fox searching for snacks of dog biscuits and peanuts

While spending time on wildlife watch at Frugaldm, chances are you will spot the little vixen that comes into the paddock most nights to get dog biscuits and, occasionally, some cat food.

Badger on the decking eating peanuts

Most nights, te badgers visit the deckings of huts 2 and 3 to snack on peanuts

Pine marten on the decking looking for food

The pine marten is a regular visitor to huts 1 and 2 where he comes looking for peanuts, apple or an egg. His favourite is currently egg, which he will happily retrieve from any of the bowls of peanut feeders.

Can you believe it is only a few days from midsummer? I can't! What happened to the first half of the year and, worse still, how fast is the second half going to whizz past. So much still to do between now and then. Pnies to rehome, a companion goat to find, endless hours of garden work and then winter trees to plant. Why not join us as Friends of Frugaldom and pop out for a visit to help keep the flag flying. At just £5 for overnight parking, campervans and motorhomes are welcome.

Frugal Aire

An overnight stop at Frugaldom costs just £5 in a campervan or motorhome.
We can accommodate vehicles up to an absolute maximum 7.5m if you are fully self-contained.  Frugaldom is totally off-grid so no lighting, no electric hook-up, no showers, no running water, so don't arrive expecting campsite facilities. Nearby Balloch o'Dee may better suit your needs if you aren't used to the wilder side of getting away from it all. We simply offer a frugal alternative.
What we do have, however, are basic waste facilities for grey water and toilet cassette emptying, as long as you are using eco-friendly products.
Bay 1 overlooks a wildlife feeding station where you may catch a glimpse of a fox, badger or pine marten, as well as the wild birds that frequent the feeders.
Next are the rearing horses, representing the ancient Galloway breed that once roamed the nearby hills and became famous world wide before being bred out of existance. The Bald Galloway is one of the original descendants of almost all modern day Thoroughbred racehorses and many top performance horses. Now you know.
Bay 2 overlooks more of the wildlife garden that leads to this little area, home to the ghostly hooded rider. Another bird feeding station can be seen here, often visited by the resident woodpeckers, siskins and various other birds and wildlife.
Bay 3 is adjacent to our visitors'herb garden, from where anyone can help themselves.
Payment for stopovers can be made via PayPal to or via the QR code but we also have honesty / donations boxes for those  who prefer to pay cash.
If you would like to support our project, which is run voluntarily as a sanctuary, you can do so here.

Thank you for taking the time to read these posts. Please share with friends and help us keep our animal sanctuary, art project and stopover aire open.

Who You Can Expect to Meet at Frugaldom


Rescued goat at Frugaldom sanctuary

For anyone visiting Frugaldom, either in a campervan, motorhome or while staying in the wagon or huts, chances are that you will meet Vincent Van Goat, our assistant gardener.

Vincent was one of two goats we rescued from being barbecued. He was brought here along with his buddy, Goatis Redding. Sadly, Goatis had to be put to sleep just a few months ago. We are still seeking a suitable goat companion for Vincent. If anyone can help out with that, we will happily rehome one or two goats, either females or castrated males but they must be tagged. Frugaldom is a registered holding and Vincent has his walking licence.

There are hundreds of dog roses around Frugaldom, each one planted over the past few years. We have assorted colours of Rosa Ragusa as well as the common dog roses, Rosa Canina. Vincent doesn't mind which type he trims. The rosehips are collected for feeding to the ponies and wildlife and also for adding into cordials, syrups and hedgerow jelly. Foraging is actively encouraged here at Frualdom.

I must not forget the oxeye daisies. We have thousands of them here at Frugaldom. Vincent does enjoy eating the heads off a few of them but for anyone visiting, you are welcome to take some away with you for your own gardens. 

An overnight stop at Frugaldom costs just £5 in a campervan or motorhome. We can accommodate vehicles up to a maximum 7.5m and they need to be fully self-contained as we are totally off-grid with no electricity or running water. We do, however, have waste facilities for grey water and toilet cassettes with eco-friendly chemicals.

Saturday 15 June 2024

Campervanners, Summer is Coming!

Planning a campervan or motorhome trip to southwest Scotland this summer? Don't forget you can stop over at what we reckon could be the quirkiest parkup in Dumfries and Galloway for just £5 per night.
Even under stormy skies, this little wilderness is a fun and safe place to park. There are miles of walks  through the forests, across fells and around nearby lochs. We are pet friendly, although there is need for leads as we are a sanctuary with animals on site. Watch out for the wolf and for our ferocious wee midges. We find bog Myrtle the best deterrent so feel free to help yourself while here.
There are so many exciting things to spot while here that it could easily take you two nights, which would cost you as little as £10. Look out for the cloaked rider emerging from between the trees at dusk.
We are completely off-grid so you need to be self-contained with toilet and water on board but we do have an emptying point for grey water and toilet cassette waste if you are using eco friendly fluid. No need to book, just pull in and park up in the yard. Maximum 3 motorhomes  (7.5m max.) Bring what you need, leave no trace.  PayPal accepted via QR code.

Tuesday 11 June 2024

Herbs and Herbery Progress

If you are parked overnight at Frugaldom, you are welcome to help yourself to fresh herbs.  There is a small herb box in the corner of the yard or the main herbery is by the centrally located hut.
The main herb garden has 7 large, raised beds crammed full of various mints, ideal for teas or refreshing cold drinks.
The strawberry beds were planted last year so we are hopeful of seeing some fruit on the plants this summer. So far, it is looking promising.


Dill is flourishing and is a lovely, aromatic herb that lends itself well to seafood dishes, yoghurt sauces and potato salad. 
The red valerian is simply decorative here, attracting pollinators, however, it is said that the root can be used to help alleviate anxiety in horses. I have not tried feeding any to Lemony Snicket, although he could use some anxiety relief whenever he sees the vet. 😆
This is a bed of Sweet Cicely and ginger mint. Both make refreshing brews but the sweet Cicely is nice eaten in it's own as an alternative to sweets. Frankie, one of the ponies, always sought this out when his summer cough developed from the pollen and hay dust.

Frugaldom has many herb, berries and fruits growing, all planted in the past 10 years since taking over the field. We hope to further develop the fruit growing and encourage all our campervan stopover guests and visitors to make the most of whatever is available. The orchards are part of the wildlife gardens and most of what we grow here is horse friendly, meaning healthy treats for the sanctuary ponies. Most will also readily root from cuttings, meaning several of our vanlife frugal friends can have a plentiful supply of tea making herbs in a little pot to take away with them.