Monday 24 June 2024

What's Next for Frugaldom?

Hedge chippings

What's happening at the Frugaldom Project now? We had a delivery of hedge chippings and as they contained privet, a rather toxic hedge plant, we can't use these on the pony tracks. However, we can use them elsewhere so, without further ado, the wheelbarrows were brought out and work began moving this to where we wanted it to be. Notice the ponies watching intently in the background, wondering what they are missing.

One of the new barrows

The chippings got iled into the barrows and wheeled through the herb paddock, past the shelter and round the edge of the pony track, avoiding Vincent Van Goat along the way. Vincent had been helping clear the area where these chippings were heading.

Vincent Van Goat vanished in here

With the grass as high as the goat and all the willows shooting skywards, this area badly needed brought back under control. The willows are too spindly for birds nesting so they will be pruned and the cuttings transplanted elsewhere. Willow is good that way - it can be cut almost any time of year. Apart from anything else, it's been a funny old year this year, so far. Already, there are a few leaves drying and fluttering to the ground and we have only just passed summer solstice. Have you guessed yet what we are doing with the chippings, yet?

The path to where?

We laid down some weed fabric and a thick layer of chippings to create a temporary path the thick of this area. It is visible from the yard, hut 1 and the paddock so it can easily be seen by anyone who may be visiting or parked up in their campervan or motorhome. 

It's a Gradual Process

There is still much to do but members of the support group can watch the progress by visiting the Friends of Frugaldom members' group on Facebook. If you still haven't guessed what is going on here, the next photo is part of the same project, which is a work in progress. It will create yet another unique feature for Frugaldom, mixing art with naure for the enjoyment of all who visit. At just £5 per night for campervan or motorhome stopovers, you are guaranteed to see something here that you won't see anywhere else.
The latest art installation in progress

If you haven't already joined the Friends of Frugaldom supporters' group, you can do so at All we ask is a minimum monthly contribution of £5 per person to help towards the running costs of the project, which includes feeding the ponies, goat, cats and wildlife. Visit soon, join us for wildlife watch or simply relax and unwind surrounded by nature.

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