Monday 10 June 2024

Sunshine After the Rain a Frugaldom Campervan Stopover

The Frugaldom yard is empty so we have been making the most of a bit sunshine to trim overhanging hedges, weed planters and  tidy up around the edges. With good drainage and hard standing, the site can remain open all year round for campervans and motorhomes, although few know that Frugaldom offers overnight parking at just £5 per night. We are the frugal option - no frills, no services but a fantasy world of art in nature awaits all who dare to venture within the realms of our wilderness hideaway. 
What3Words//Photo.Regal.Fencing will bring you to our gate. 
We accept PayPal via QR code or pop your payment into the donations box at the sign. Alternatively, join Friends of Frugaldom for £5 per month and make us one of your regular park-ups.
 We are rural, secluded, off-grid and offer secure overnight parking, ideal for solo travellers or for those looking for a hidden getaway. Set within a sanctuary surrounded by ecoarts, Frugaldom is an ideal escape from reality where you can seek solace and find inspiration in nature. See you soon - message me at for further details if required.

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