To Do List #2

Mark II 'Things to Do' List

I've had a very long and varied list of 'things to do' for more years that I care to remember and have slowly but painstakingly worked my way through an exhaustive list on a five-yearly basis: Things to do before I'm 40, then 45, then before I knew it... I was at the stage (or should that be age?) of working through the 'Things to do before I am 50' list.

Well, on Thursday 22nd August 2013 I ticked off number 9 of 10 items on my previous list and then had to pull up short and consider my options. If this really was a 'bucket list' then one might be led to believe that after completing it, one is ready to pop one's clogs! But I'm not yet 50!

So this is it - my Mark II list of things to do, preferably before I'm 50. To help get it started, I have brought across item 10 from the previous list and made it item number 1 on this new list. Here goes...
  1. See the Aurora Borealis (A friend gets a mention in this video.) Completed May 2024 at Frugaldom! See below.
  2. Introduce eldest grand daughter to 'adventures and exploring'. Completed. See here and here.
  3. Establish some sort of retirement business plan - Completed 
  4. Visit Iona - Completed May 2014
  5. Visit Calgary Bay on the Isle of Mull - Completed May 2014
  6. Sail to Staffa and see Fingal's Cave - Completed May 2014
  7. Make a Will - Completed late 2014
  8. Save to buy some land - Completed
  9. Expand Frugaldom - Completed July 2014, when we managed to purchase almost 5 hectares of land and a barn.
  10. Invite you all to visit Frugaldom and experience the lifestyle - Completed
I don't really have a wanderlust spirit or crave adventures to far off places, especially when there are so many fantastic things to see and do right here in the UK, however... you can never tell what's around the next corner.

Updated: Frugaldom is now an actual land project and, if you have been following the updates online, you will know that several of you have already been to visit. Thank you for supporting the project.

Aurora Borealis seen from Frugaldom 10th May 2024

10th May 2024, at Frugaldom


  1. How about visiting old friends to your list of things to do before your 50, after all this old friend is in the same age boat. Might come and visit you myself some day when the weather is better or you could visit me on your way to Edinburgh sightseeing!

    1. I have an open house policy, all friends are welcome at all times and it's old friends I'm doing all of the above with. In fact, the trip up Ben Nevis was with a friend I'd seen only once in the 30 years previous to that, when she came for a holiday. So... step out of anonymity and let me add you to the list, as I haven't got a clue who or where you are.

  2. I went to school with you, tried to ride horses with you and failed, have not seen you for 30+ years either. So who is the old friend you have not seen for 30 years then? My house is also open to good friends. Guess who!

    1. I didn't add 'visit friends' to my list because I'm constantly trying to work out how to catch up with them (I don't have a car) and can't get to grips with Facebook, but I'm on there, so look me up if you are there, too. Email me, my details are on the contact page.

  3. You could come on your bike. It might take a while though. I don't do facebook but you could always e-mail or phone me. You have my details!

    1. No, I don't have your details - email me. I don't put personal details on a public blog, sorry.

    2. OK, now that you have led me a right merry song and dance, I know it really is you, ya loony toon! You gave yourself away, so I've now managed to get your number from elsewhere and will phone you this weekend!


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