Saturday, 2 January 2021

2021 Frugal Living Challenge


2020 is a year that most people, the world over, will be glad to see the back of, mostly because of te Coronavirus pandemic. I won't even attempt to go into details as all the information you need about it can be found on most news pages. All that I will say is please stay safe - follow guidelines and local rules, and most importantly, use your common sense. Health and hygiene are intertwined. Plenty of fresh air is essential, a bit of exercise is ideal and both of these things are totally free... just open up your door and get yourself outdoors. Free, free, free... breath in that freedom.

2021 arrived at Frugaldom as a frosty morning bathed in sunshine. Working outdoors without a jacket at this time of year is becoming more common and up until last week, I was still able to do so in short sleeves. What I need to keep reminding myself, however, is that even the winter sun can burn. 

Our frugal living challenge has begun again and this year has brought more changes. My plan is t chart these changes and, once again, tighten the purse strings to enable further savings for further investment into the Frugaldom project. You can check out Frugaldom on Facebook and Frugaldom on Twitter

My challenges for 2021:

  1. Live on £4,000 for the year
  2. Spend no more than £1 per person per day for all meals (there are 2 of us)
  3. Get a 'tiny house' built
  4. Extend the hay shed
  5. Have a hut (small cabin) built at Frugaldom
  6. Try and post at least 2 mini blogs each week
  7. Finish planting our native woodland
  8. Create a forest garden
  9. Increase the amount of fruit and veg we grow
  10. Zero food waste and recycle everything I can
You can find all the frugal living challenge updates on the forums.

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