Friday, 26 October 2012

Frugal Fun, Freebies, Frugaleurs and Friends

Frugal Fun, Freebies, Frugaleurs and Friends

Innocent DrinksThis past week has been interesting, as it has brought several visitors, freebies and frugal fun to the fore.

As some of you may know, social media is one of my passtimes, participating in various chats, discussions, challenges and promotions. It's frugal fun, mainly because its free! It's also where we're gathering togetger all the frugaleurs that we can, in an effort to show others that starting a small business needn't mean running it indefinitely as such. A Frugal entrepreneur loves their work and, although money isn't the first thing on their minds, it's an added benefit if it all comes together and reaps rich rewards.

Anyhow, my first lovely freebie of the week has been a copy of A Book About Innocent: Our Story and Some Things We've Learned. Along with this, I received £12 worth of Innocent Drinks vouchers, so I shall, at long last, be able to try the drinks for myself (assuming the local stores accept the vouchers).  Having been awarded the free copy, I asked that the founders of this very successful, multi-million pound empire each sign the book. It took a bit of time to get all three signatures but these guys obliged! How much more of a recommendation do you need for a company when its founders will take the time to show such a courtesy to little old me? I'll let you know what I think of the book (and the drinks) soon.

Meanwhile, I have received a sachet of freshly ground coffee from CafeDirect and am eager to try this out, just as soon as I can get at the box where the new coffee maker (a half price bargain from Aldi) is stored.

I've had a lovely week of catching up with friends, neighbours, fellow frugalers and local entrepreneurs, sampling their fine produce and enjoying the chit chat. Trading potential for 2013 is looking good, with more and more of these small businesses springing up in the area. Sarah at Creeside Charcuterie is eagerly awaiting the launch of her new website to further promote all her lovely homemade artisan foods. I sampled the 'Rustic Pork Terrine' and was suitably impressed. It was a rare luxury teat for us here in Thrift Cottage, I can tell you! Feel free to follow @CreesideLife if you have a Twitter account, then you'll know what's available, where and when Sarah's website goes live.

Not content with snacking on luxury pork terrine, I am now snacking on chilli jam... with everything! A fellow frugaleur who lives nearby has a passion for growing chilli peppers and is starting her own homebased enterprise making chilli jam - something I had never previously tried. I've now discovered that the chilli jam tastes great on hot toasted Aberdeen Butteries! And with oatcakes, cheese, pizza, chips, stir fry, fajitas... you get the picture. I think I have just found a frugal substitute for chutney, sweet chilli sauce, salsa and relish!
Now that the colder weather has arrived (having seen photos of the snow falling in Aberdeenshire) it is time to take a serious look at the cost of winter and what plans we are putting in place to combat the cold and beat the budget. Keeping warm has to be a priority and, with the price of gas and eletricity climbing again, the whole 'heating or eating' debate rears its ugly head for those of us trying to live on a tight budget while saving for rainy days and future security. What is your top priority? I think mine is currently to keep the log store full and the home fires burning, while hoping to have some sort of a kitchen in time to batch cook and bake the festive goodies. The one good thing about all these years of frugal living is that it has finally afforded to put a secure roof over our heads, we just need to keep warm, dry and fed now. (Beats having a bad landlord anyday!)
NYK Media (Frugaldom) has been running costcutting and moneysaving challenges since 1998, which means 2013 is the 15th anniversary! That has to mean something special... so let's start preparing for a great year of frugal living, frugal enterprise and the beginnings of bigger and better challenges.
Don't bin it, burn it or bury it if you can reduce, reuse or recycle it. Self-sustainability at home and in the workplace isn't just a pipedream, so lets make 2013 our best year ever. Join Frugaldom to share your highs and lows, hints, tips, news, views and reviews of frugal living, frugal working and life on a shoestring budget. See you in the Frugaldom forums.
Before ending, I'd like to pass on my congratulations to a fellow frugaler and blogger who has been part of our challenges for several years - here's to freedom from the mortgage, that gorgeous cottage is yours forever! CONGRATULATIONS AND WELL DONE TO MR & MRS SFT!


  1. Oh, thanks Nyk!

    I am certainly up for more recycling and reusing this year.

    I'm going to try and buy 2nd hand as much as poss.

    Looking forward to LIFE AFTER MORTGAGE!

    Sft x

  2. You've been lucky with those freebies.

    I am going to recycling and reusing more things also in 2013.

    Gill in Canada

  3. Yor 15thanniversary now that is somethng to celebrate. Well done.

    It's brilliant that Sft's mortgage is a thing of the past isn't it.

    Onwards and upwards, we're tightening the belt even more now in our bid to finally buy our very own place in the country. Recycling, reusing reducing and re-purposing is our mantra even more.

    Sue xx

  4. 2013 is looking like a tough one but I am happy knowing I have no rent or mortgage to find, so The SFT household should certainly be in their element, channeling all the extras into their exciting travel plans. :)

    Good luck to everyone for 2013 and see you in the forums. :)

  5. Wow 15 years! Well done. I've only been at this for a few years. Well honestly, 10, but I don't count the first 8 years as a student as frugal, so much as necessary. Its odd now having a job that people think I'm being frugal unnecessarily - but I want a house!! I don't want to rent forever.

    I've never believed more in the old mantra 'reduce, reuse, recycle'. I'm so astonished by how much people throw away. Thankfully more and more people have realised that resources such as charity shops, gumtree and freecycle provide an excellent way to get rid of stuff (and for me to collect it!). I will admit though that 2013 will be my year of de-cluttering. How much stuff do I really need? Hopefully I will do my bit for charity at the same time though by donating it.

    Congrats on 15 years, and well done SFT on getting mortgage free - my aim too! x

  6. Hi Rose, thank you for your comments. )

    I love the frugal lifestyle and, as most already know, mortgage free living began here in June 2011 when moving into the 'fixy-up' that's now known as our eco-renovation project / microholding.

    Frugal living has its ups and downs, none more so than when missing out on social occasions, holidays and luxury items but none of these things are missed when life is so full of getting from A to B while creating a debt free home. (I do afford myself the luxury of major celebrations and gifts for friends & family but only what's within my means.)

    Still loving (almost) every minute of it, despite all the delays, hiccups, indecisions and traumas that life throws at us, so my best advice is GO FOR IT! The security of being completely debt free and owning the roof over your head is well worth every penny stretched from any budget. :)


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