Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Just a little extra with a few photos.

A Stroll Along the Badger Walk

Today's roof-repair works went well. The rain stayed away, the sun shone and the man on the roof said it's now strong enough to jump up and down on - although he didn't recommend doing it too often. I'm happy with that, it means there's scope, once the work is completed, for some growing space. Not quite a green roof, but certainly a micro-roof garden of some description. 

This evening, after the workmen had gone, we went out for our frugal walk to make the most of the dry weather. We didn't wander far, only down to the old mill ruins at the bottom of the road, then along what I like to call the 'badger walk'.

'Badger Walk' is so-named (not in any official capacity) for good reason. Part of this particular track has been concreted, presumably for the benefit of farm vehicles, but there in the middle of it, for all to see, is a perfect set of badger footprints. You can follow them right along the middle of the road for a short distance.

This always makes me laugh, as I can imagine the lost badger trundling along, paws sinking and sticking to the soggy concrete, wondering where he had gone wrong to end up on such a road. (It had to be a he, a she would have stopped and asked the way!) Then, of course, there would have been the problem of him explaining the concrete in his nails to the wife, as he sat chewing out the gravel from between his toes.

What can I say? I have a vivid imagination, I'm easily amused, it costs nothing and it entertains me.

The return journey was around sunset. The sea looked dark and cold in the distance, with no island to be seen. There was a brisk breeze blowing up from the shore, whirling the wind turbines at ever-increasing speeds. Have you ever noticed how loud these can be? They sound like shredded bin bags caught in a hawthorn hedge, being thrashed by the wind. Even H thought that's what it was and he's meant to be the sensible one in this frugal household.

Overhead, the sky was a pale shade of blue with white clouds swirling one way and pink clouds crossing the other way - they looked as thought they were moving in opposite directions! I can't decide if this is good or bad, as there's a definite nip in the air. It wasn't your typical pink sky, these were more like the beginnings of rain clouds tinged by the setting sun and, like the silly badger, they just didn't know which way to go.

As we got nearer home, it was looking clearer and really quite promising for tomorrow's stint of roof work. But then again, who knows what the good old Scottish weather has in store for us? If the Met Office can't say for sure, then who are we to play ill-educated guessing games? We need to take what nature has to give, that's the one thing that is certain.

That's all I have to say tonight - not much.

I hope nobody minds my sharing some of the sites that surround us here in Frugaldom.


  1. Your posts are always so interesting, I love reading everything!

  2. They call plastic bags caught in hedges "Witche's Knickers" over here in Ireland!

    We have concrete footprints of our beloved Border Collie: Zeta. I named her after Catherine Zeta Jones. Perhaps we should start a concrete Hollywood Hall of Fame for our animals? Perhaps not!!

  3. Here on the other side of the planet we are seriously needing rain. Time to do the rain dance...

  4. Thank you for all your comments. If you enoy reading any of the posts, please click the +1 button at the bottom of them. I haven't a clue what it does, but it's free and it must do something. :)

    Dave, I'll remember to tell people wind turbines sound like witches' knickers billowing in the bushes next time someone asks. LOL

    Rika, I'll try to send our rain your way - no roof work today, too wet and windy.


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