Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Stay financially strong throughout 2016

So, did you enter January full of good intentions to eat less, exercise more and cut back on non-essentials? If the answer’s ‘Yes’ and you’ve been holding out for the month to end, hang on in there!
The frugal bank
Just because the month is over, your salary’s been paid and you’ve recovered from Christmas’ financial hangover, it doesn’t mean you should revert to your old ways. Making a few simple cutbacks can keep your finances fighting fit throughout the year.

Still not motivated? What about that holiday in the sun you fancy, or that new car you’d love to drive about in? Asking yourself what you can afford to live without and sticking to a budget comes with financial rewards.

Our ten top budget tips will help you strengthen your finances. Take a look at the Money Masterclass and fun interactive quiz to see how a few daily cost-cutting measures will fatten your piggy bank: Fix Your Finances - What are your money-saving tips?

Our Facebook competition is designed to find Britain’s savviest saver - FreedomFinance on Facebook - so share your ideas to encourage others to stick to a healthy budget.

Piggy bank
As your piggy bank gets fatter the financial outlook for 2016 gets brighter!

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