Thursday, 26 February 2015

Frugaldom Woodland News

Hope everyone is doing OK, sticking to the plan and making the most of whatever they can. February in the Frugaldom household is very much a use-it-up month and the 28-day kickstart to summer fitness, so being awarded another 420 trees by the Woodland Trust as part of the WWI commemorative woodlands scheme will help further the fitness regime! Anyone up for some tree planting?

What's next? Well, as many of you know, this entire challenge began as a way to steer completely clear of debt, save to buy a fixy-up and then live the frugal good life mortgage & rent free. In 2011, we managed to buy our fixy-up house, which still isn't fully 'fixy-upped', but never mind, we'll get there one day. In the meantime...

Frugaldom Project

Last year, the savings bought us a bit of land, now known as the Frugaldom Project ( for anyone who wasn't aware of how long this challenge has been going) and we have started planting up our community woodland.

The Frugaldom Project is about creativity, sustainability and lifestyle, so why not join us online and become part of the project? Sample frugal freedom for yourself: budgeting, foraging, food growing, tree planting, crafting, photography, writing, outdoor fitness, nature studies, environmental art or even just to appreciate the simple things in life, like frugal living, working from home and having affordable fun.

Current projects include taking part in the Woodland Trust's WWI Centenary Woodland project, plus the creation of our garden of gratitude, sensory gardens, haiku corner, trading post, hitching post and our very own interpretation of, or even solution to, writers' block. All aspects of the Frugaldom project will be recorded online and can be found in the dedicated section of the frugal forums.

Tree planting at Frugaldom, 10th November 2014

As part of The Woodland Trust World War I centenary woodland project, Frugaldom is taking part in this once-in-a-generation tribute, by creating a growing legacy for centuries to come.

We planted 420 mixed hazel, blackthorn (sloe), crab apple, dog rose and elder on 8th & 9th November 2014 to produce the first stage of our new harvest woodland and edible hedging, which should provide a great future foraging area for all concerned.

We have been awarded a further 420 trees by the Woodland Trust, sponsored by Ikea, with those trees being expected during the first week of March. For anyone interested, planting is scheduled (weather permitting) between 7th and 8th March 2015

Muscle Food

Back on the home front with the bargain food budget, now that we have the joys of Asda deliveries, I have been trying to work in a small order once a month - I've cut the food budget to £5 per person per week for all meals. I'm making the most of everything I have in stock and just buying the minimum necessary, but it does seem to be going OK.

My freezer is still full of delicious meaty bargains from Musclefood and I continue to be both amazed and thankful whenever someone becomes a customer via my friend referral link (the banner above) and starts saving their own loyalty points towards filling their freezers.

Many thanks to all and none less so than to the company itself, for giving us frugalers the opportunity to benefit from what would otherwise have remained the secrets of the bodybuilders, rather than us cashbuilders! :)


  1. all positives things to report, well done. The Frugaldom project is going great. If I lived closer I would donate man power as well.

    1. Man power is probably worth more than anything at this stage, Gill. Maybe one day you'll get to visit this area and see the project for real. You can plant a baby tree while you're here. :)


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