Friday, 16 January 2015

How to make cut flowers last longer


Many people feel saddened to see their lovely cut flowers wither, wilt and die, making such a gift a little depressing when it ends up in the compost or, worse still, simply binned. So here's how to get the very most out of your cut flowers, no matter how cheap and cheerful they may be. Here's to frugal flowers.

Yesterday, I sorted out the flowers I got at Christmas, which are still going strong. The original small bouquet was bulked out with greenery foraged from the hedgerow around the garden and it all looked rather festive, especially with some red berries and gold-sprayed foliage among it.

There were 4 rose buds among freesia, carnations and gypsophila, so the rose buds have now been removed and are hanging heads down in the sitting room, allowing them to dry out for future use. Believe it or not, I still have roses I dried over 10 years ago and these make lovely additions to bowls of homemade pot pourri, as well as displayed in dried arrangements… Read more here


  1. Over the years I have Bought 5 Orchids at marked down prices usual £5 and these have given me 8 years of continuous flowers for £25, much cheaper than cut flowers.

  2. Well done with your orchids. I ave house plants from cuttings I got over 10 years ago and love taking regular cuttings to root and pass on to friends. :)


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