Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Frugal Car Maintenance techonology images
For those who have cars: Each car model has a suggested maintenance regime that is laid out in the owner’s manual. You can save yourself thousands of pounds by taking the time to read the manual and to follow the schedules specified. This can directly impact on the longevity of your vehicle, its performance and the costs per mile driven.

Picking up on big problems early is what regular preventative maintenance is all about. Prevention is better than cure might be a maxim that your doctor will tell you, but your mechanic should also be saying the same thing when it comes to your car. Of course, some checks need a specialist to do, but you can also remain frugal by undertaking some car maintenance yourself.

Check The Fluids

Many car fluids can be checked by an owner with little garage experience. Ensuring fluids are topped up is one of the most effective ways to maintain a car’s ability to drive well. It is quite easy to do, although you will need to consult your manual in most cases. Make sure that your car has the right levels of oil, transmission fluid, wiper fluid, power steering fluid, anti-freeze and brake fluid. If you are not sure about how to do this, then online tutorials about how to use a dipstick to check oil, for example, can be a big help and may well save you thousands of pounds in unnecessary inspection bills. If you wait until the relevant dashboard light comes on, it is often too late to sort the issue out cheaply.

Tyre Maintenance

Keeping your tyres well-maintained is another important way of saving money in the long run. According to specialists, premium tyre manufacturers use tread wear indicators on their products, which makes it easy to judge when a tyre is reaching the end of its life. Alternatively, you can use a dedicated tread gauge to detect a worn section of tyre. Whatever you do, make sure, make sure to check your tyres and ensure they are road worthy.

Tyre inspections or new tyres are no longer things to fret over, as online reserve and fit systems are available throughout Britain...

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