Friday, 18 July 2014

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Summary of the Friday Frugalers' Chat

Topic - Monthly Challenges

Tonight's scheduled chat was to discuss how to proceed with the various challenges we all face and how to proceed in a way that is both helpful and fun, leading us through the remaining five months of this year and into the start of 2015. Being prepared always helps. Hopefully, fellow frugal forum members can be there to help support newcomers to frugal living and to encourage those who may be going through a particularly difficult time.

The following challenges were proposed and agreed:

August Austerity Challenge

Austerity relates to a strict policy of simplicity and reduction in budget deficits, so August, despite such things as summer holidays, is about really knuckling down to make every single penny count towards reducing debt or avoiding it. (That means nothing on credit unless it is paid in full prior to any interest or other charges being imposed.) If you really don't think you need to be austere, then help out someone who does.

September Simple Savings Challenge

A month of saving every spare penny you have by way of buying cheaper brands, spending less, making or mending instead of buying, buying second-hand instead of new, cooking, baking, foraging, preserving... count up all costs before you start and don't do it if you can buy the item cheaper. Every single penny counts, even the odd one you might find on the pavement.

100 Day Challenge

Starts on 22nd September and ends 31st December 2014 - 100 days of extra vigilance in an effort to prepare for winter festivities and make it through to the end of the year with less debt than you had at the start of it. If you have no debt, then review your rainy day savings, take note of the figure on day 1 of the challenge and try to increase it by day 100.

Frugal ADVENTures

This challenge will run from 30th November to 26th December (4 weeks) - be prepared, the festivities occurs every year, so don't be caught out and feel pressurised into spending a small fortune on loved ones... show them that fun, laughter and happy memories are free, or at the very least show them they are frugal.

October Only if I (Really) Need it Challenge

Easy to understand - time to get those priorities in order and separate needs from wants. This will be a challenging month of spending only on what you cannot live without.

November's Never Give Up Challenge

It's a long haul getting from one year to the next if you have debts or other worries, so November is about reflecting on what's most important to you, sharing with friends, offering and accepting support and, most of all, never giving up on hopes, dreams or ambitions. We aren't chasing rainbows here, we are painting our own. We'll be discussing what really gets in the way and what is simply perceived as getting in the way, addressing what frugal living is really all about and how great it can be to lead by example, regain any lost positivity and help those less fortunate than ourselves.

December - Declare Yourself a Frugal Success

Yes, I said success! There are no failures in Frugaldom, only blips, slip-ups, diversions and delays. If you are still actively participating in this glorious lifestyle and still in pursuit of frugal freedom, then you are a winner and that deserves recognition and celebration. We will celebrate all our successes, even the tiniest ones that may, otherwise, have been overlooked. :D

Thank you all for being a part of Frugaldom and for taking the time to contribute to the forums.

Your support means everything! :D

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