Sunday, 29 June 2014

Cycling in Wigtownshire


Cycling in Wigtownshire

This is a photo blog post to show future visitors to Frugaldom a little bit of the surrounding countryside across or through which we cycle. There isn’t much by way of amenities in our corner of the country but the landscape, walking and cycling opportunities make up for that plus the surrounding villages almost all have a shop of some description.  Our local store just happens to be for sale, if anyone is looking to relocate and set up in business. Huge potential for the right buyer as there must easily be 1000 people within the surrounding and out-lying area who would appreciate the opportunity to buy local produce at affordable prices. (Just a thought.)

Anyway, here goes for a short trip out on the bikes – short because it’s the first weekend that we’ve dragged our bikes out since last summer and it takes a few days to get past the aches and pains and back into the swing of things… it’s a bit like getting back on a horse after a long break! Ouchy!

Hopefully, this frugal mode of transport will suffice, as the fuel prices and cost of putting a car back on the road are just beyond comprehension… I keep thinking of everything I could invest in for the Frugaldom project for the amount it would cost to buy even a banger! Smile

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