Sunday, 25 May 2014

Frugal Laundry and Fabric Conditioner


Frugal Laundry and Fabric Conditioner

"You may be well aware that domestic products have become very expensive recently and as a result it is more economical to buy in bulk from online cleaning suppliers and more importantly from those who are recognised and appreciated for their quality..." said the latest email request for inclusion in the frugal blog.

So, I took a closer look at some bulk buys. Mainly, I hasten to add, because white vinegar is becoming more difficult to source in any affordable manner anywhere near where I live. (As you know, I make my own laundry cleaner and previously used the vinegar as a fabric conditioner.)

If, like me, you use an assortment of vinegar, lemon juice, basic soap, oils and washing soda as the mainstay for your cleaning and laundry, then you will have noticed the escalating price changes in white vinegar. Everywhere seems to be moving to malt or else only offering small bottles, rather than the gallon containers we previously bought… Read more here


  1. I've been wondering about using ordinary brown vinegar for occasions when staining wouldn't be an issue - Sainsbury's basics is 62p a litre.

    1. Someone has mentioned that in the comments of the main blog post, saraband. :) The rest of the blog post is on


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