Friday, 16 May 2014

Frugal Fantasy Garden

150514_fairy_door_tn 150514_owl_tn

A photo blog about recycling 'stuff' into exciting fantasy creations.

This whole ‘Make do and mend in May’ challenge is really rather fun! (Read more about that in the Frugal Forums) It's frugal fun and I just know the grand children will love investigating what I have been making and mending when they visit during summer.

Equally exciting is the diversity of wildlife that is now finding its way into our microholding, even if it is just the latest addition to the patio pond - a new frog. It's another leap in the direction of slug control! Not too sure I like the moles in the mini-orchard, though.

Plans for integrating wildlife cameras in the garden are now afoot, so stay tuned for future revelations regarding that aspect of the project.

From the beginnings of the Frugaldom fairy garden to Hoolet the driftwood owl, Hiss Lordship the snake, the nest of golden eggs and the funny face among the flowers… the Frualdom fantasy garden is really coming to life…

Read more here about the Frugal Fantasy Garden


  1. Another enjoyable read with the coffee - keep them coming Susan - All the best one of the t'other Susan's

  2. Love the idea of a fairy garden, I think my grandson may like the idea.


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