Wednesday, 30 April 2014

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Frugal Holiday to the Scottish Isles

Who needs the Caribbean when we have golden sands, shimmering turquoise sea, azure sky and sunshine in Scotland. Yes, this really is Scotland and it really is April. (This is a photo blog, apologies for any slow loading.)

You can reach Glasgow from most places, so that's where we headed in order to set off on our whirlwind, whistle stop frugal tour. I was very lucky in that I was able to hitch a lift from Frugaldom to Lanarkshire, so £10 covered my share of the fuel costs. As it was Easter holiday weekend, I spent four nights with family and friends before setting off on our island hopping adventure.

Being based in Wishaw gave us easy access to Glasgow, so we opted for open return train tickets at a cost of £40, allowing us to travel from our original destination via Glasgow Central, Queen Street and then on to Oban, which is a lovely little harbour town on the Argyll coast. It was a bit overcast when we left Glasgow but the clouds lifted the further north we travelled… Read more (photo blog includes my home made souvenir.)

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