Friday, 11 April 2014

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Scottish Multimedia | Stir Frying, Recycling and Planting Onion Sets

The sun didn't exactly shine today, nor was it particularly warm, but the overcast, cloudy sky held back the rain for long enough to steal a few hours in the garden. Not before time, I might add!

H succeeded in completing the reroofing of the shed, so that should hopefully put an end to the leaks. While he was busy doing that, I decided to make the most of two small raised beds that were made nearly 3 years ago from the old kitchen units we ripped out when we first bought this place. Since then, these recycled wonders have been used to grow my leeks. They have served that purpose well; so well, in fact, that I am still picking leeks without having sown or planted any since 2012. I brought the three largest ones in to use and dug up another dozen smaller ones that have now been transplanted into the crocus bed… read more

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