Saturday, 12 April 2014

Frugal Blog - Seed Sowing and Recycling Fish Crates


Scottish Multimedia | Seed Sowing and Recycling Fish Crates

Despite a cold, windy and wet start to the weekend, the rain eventually stopped and allowed us time to get out to play in the garden! The cheeky robin was delighted to see us digging and was soon down to help!

It was afternoon before I was able to venture out but I went prepared to do battle - gardening gloves, kneeling pad, hand tools, seed packets all in order - checked and double checked to see which could be sown outdoors in April, diary and pen, camera charged, egg carton of chitted potatoes, the germinated peas and lettuce seedlings from the window sill and last, but by no means least, I donned my golden wellies!

Weeding needed done everywhere I looked, so I started with… continue

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