Sunday, 13 April 2014

Frugal Blog - Repairing the Poly Tunnel and Recycling Milk Cartons


Scottish Multimedia | Repairing the Polytunnel and Recycling Milk Cartons

Today proved to be quite a productive one for achieving major tasks, like getting repairing the storm battered polytunnel and making a start on my 'Mishy Challenge' vertical pod garden.

Living where we do, access to large, plastic milk cartons isn't something that happens regularly, so I have only managed to accrue 8 in total, but one of those is being used to hold my homemade laundry liquid for now. I still hadn't a clue where I was going to build my vertical garden, as we don't have any fences from which to hang anything, so we concentrated on putting the polytunnel back together. First up, sorting out the base - there is none. For the moment, we have cardboard, builders' bags, fish crates and compost bags… continue


  1. I think you have done wonders in 3 years, well done. We tried milk cartons last year, mainly in the shade but with overhead sun for a couple of hours. Flowers did okay but it was a nightmare to keep them moist. As the compost dried out, it created a gap around the edges. Every time we watered, the water just ran down these edges and straight out the bottom. Hope you have more luck:)

  2. Can but try and the amount of rain we get should help. LOL

  3. how we can install or construction for polytunnels??

    1. Probably easiest to do an online search for 'how to build a polytunnel', where you should find instructions for building your own DIY version using water pipe and heavy duty polythene.


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