Tuesday, 8 April 2014

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It’s time to get the garden in order!

My strawberry planters have been moved from house to house for the past seven years, along with the original strawberry plants bought from a supermarket in 2007, while they were reduced to clear. I think I bought two lots of 4 plants for £2.00 and, other than when I catered for a party of 120, I haven't bought any strawberries since. They are simply so easy to grow that I could never be without them now.

Today has been the first opportunity I have had to get outside and weed the patio planters, which were filled with everything apart from strawberries. Moss, grass, dead leaves, weeds, seed husks, creepy crawlies and the remnants of last years strawberry plants, which had shot runners everywhere.

Strawberry runners are fantastic things! They are long tendrils that grow out from your main plants to become brand new plants. I trim off the surplus if the main plants are flowering or have fruit on them, but as soon as possible, I … continued


  1. I watch Beechgrove Garden (from Aberdeen) and they grow their strawberries in pots and keep them in the same soil! They top dress, weed and liquid feed, taking babies each year. This year, my year 4 tub will be emptied and babies from this year planted into it. I number the tubs so I don't get confused:)

    1. Numbering the tubs - I'd never think of that! I can't even remember to label the contents of my freezer, so 'labels' must be something to add to my 'to do' list. Thanks. :)


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