Monday, 17 March 2014

Ridiculous 3-Day Gap in Making it in March! Still Moneysaving!

Making (Excuses) in March

Write every day!
I tell myself that every day!
I do write every day, but not always in the same place. I had meant to blog right here every day as well as writing other things but for some reason, March is marching on at an incredible speed and leaving me straggling behind it, so I must apologise for the gaps in this month's 'Making it in March' challenge.
  • Too many other things distracting me. (Focus!)
  • Not enough time in the day. (Get up earlier!)
  • Too tired and lacking motivation. (Go to bed earlier!)
  • Real life takes over all my time. (This is real life, make time!)
  • Too many other things to do. (Plan ahead, make a list!)
So here I am, after a weekend of making nothing more than the meals we ate and a few business decisions relating to the redesign of my grossly out-dated web site, and I still haven't made anything. But... we now have two separate outdoor rabbit runs for their lordships Septimus and Octavius Frugalus!
This making of stuff outdoors was no thanks to me, of course, as H has been busying himself rounding up scraps of wood and wire to make somewhere safe for the Frugaldom bunnies to enjoy any sunshine we may get.
I did manage to dig out some of our home-grown raspberries from last year, plenty of those still in the freezer. Add to those some homemade blackcurrant jam and a spoonful of honey, cooked it down for a minute in the microwave and then, once cooled, stirred it through the next batch of ice cream - tastes amazing anytime of day or night!
Now, I am off to put this little lot together and I promise that I will be back before bedtime tonight to show you the proof that 4 duck egg planters (red one already has a hanger) have macramé hangers.

OK, no I'm not - phone rang, lost another hour, now need to make dinner before I can do anything! I sometimes wonder what it's like to be able to just nip out for a takeaway, eat out or have someone else cook you dinner.

Still going to try and get the macramé hangers done tonight, though, so do feel free to check back much later for the photographic evidence and thank you, once again, for taking the time to read my inane ramblings.
Edited in: I managed to get one hanger made and am working on the second one now. Did this one two-tone using red and green embroidery thread.


  1. Hi there I have been reading your blog for a while and really enjoy it, You live a lifestyle not unlike ours although we are farmers, the principle is the same. Especially the no "regular income" bit. May I ask a real favour of you ? I lost my Jade/Money plant several years ago and have not been able to replace it. As you know money must not change hands for this plant so would you be willing to swop something for a snippet of it? We rear our own meat for the freezer and I would be happy to swop some beef for it. I realise this is very cheeky and quite understand if you say no.

    1. Su, I can easily send you a cutting if you are within UK, just pop me your details via an email and I will pop it in the post. See the 'contact' page at top of the blog for details or else message me through the forums. :)

  2. I so know how you feel. I lost at least three or four hours yesterday due to talking on the phone!!!

    1. Some things can't be fully 'caught up with fast enough' using the internet. LOL


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