Monday, 31 March 2014

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The clocks have sprung forward, British summertime has apparently arrived and mothers everywhere were said to be celebrating something - I'm just not too sure what, nor do I understand how such a concept can even work. I mean, if a family stretches to five generations and is spread across many hundreds of miles, who should visit whom? Or if there are in-laws to consider when there's only one car, whose mother-in-law takes precedence? What if she has gone to visit her mother for Mother's Day? What if the kids come to visit while we are out visiting our mothers?

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  1. Cheesecake looks yummy NYK :). I had a great Mothers Day. No mother of my own, nor mother in law.

    I have somehow missed two of your recent blog posts that you 'continue reading' here to get to. Apologies, I must try and find my way around better.
    Looking forward to the new frugal forum, however I am a bit sad to be leaving the old one! So I hope you aren't too sad, as i haven't been there long!

    Take care sweet lady.
    Rw xx

    1. The new forums will be just every bit the same as the old ones but with the added security of knowing we can't lose the free service. :) It will be the same people, same topics and same reasons for being there, so don't you worry about that. If anyone tries to say otherwise, they'll have me to deal with after that. :) You wouldn't be calling me a sweet lady then, nor if you had heard me trying to fathom out how all the new stuff works. :)


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