Monday, 3 March 2014

Day 3 of Making it in March - Mini Macrame Plant Pot Holders

Day 3 of 31 - Get Knotted!

 It's March, Spring is supposed to be in the air and the first flush of green can be seen along the roadsides, where snowdrops are still flourishing and daffodils are beginning to bud.

Keeping in mind that the only sun that gets into our house, at the moment, is a brief glimmer first thing in the morning, there is limited space for growing anything on the windowsills, unless... I hang the pots in the window so they catch every available ray!

Having sourced an excellent online guide to help me refresh my memory of knotting string, something we did a great deal of up until the late 90s, when I was still making hay nets from baling twine, I set about making myself a macramé pot hanger. Trouble was, I didn't have any string, so I had to use wool.

 This first type of wool, a really chunky type, turned out to be too thick for making a delicate, mini-pot holder, so I ended up using a small tin, instead. This is going to be used to sow half a dozen cherry tomato seeds. Once (if) they germinate, they can be transferred to a tin each until large enough to harden off for repotting in the greenhouse.
Remember the plastic lid I saved from the can of cream?
My next hanger was of a much more delicate nature - made from embroidery thread. This was relatively quick and easy to make, so I shall be making several of these and they can be suspended from a rail held across the window by the existing cup hooks that get used for holding the thermal blind in place during winter. For the photo, this one had been hung from the door handle but I now have one each side of my window - not sure what the neighbours will think of this! :)

Money Plant (Jade Plant) cutting
As you can see, I have planted a Jade/Money Plant cutting into this carton and, with luck, it will flourish and be strong enough to go to its new home in a few weeks - Anne, this one has your name on it.

I have made 2 of the embroidery thread macramé pot hangers so far but am planning on making a kaleidoscope of colours to hang in the windows - with the embroidery threads, I can colour co-ordinate to match or contrast the décor and decorate the pots accordingly.

The tutorial on the Tuts+ website, which is what I used, is very simple to follow - all you need are the items shown in my first photograph. Even at that, you could simply use a piece of board and a bulldog clip or clothes pegs to hold the string in place while you work.

Have fun making mini macramé pot holders - if my ducks ever start laying again, I shall replace the pots in mine with egg shells for my seedlings.

Guess I'd best go make supper now - frugal chicken fajitas, anyone?

NYK, Frugaldom


  1. I saw the tutorial the other day; you have made a nice job. When do you expect the chickens and ducks to start laying again?

    1. Thanks. :) There are only 4 bantams and 2 hens left since the mink got in, so I'd like to think we'll start getting a couple of eggs soon - 3 tiny ones so far over the past few days but I've saved these to make lemon drizzle cake for tomorrow's visitors. The ducks should be laying anytime soon, but my feathered flock are all getting on in years now. In fact, today is Silkie chick's birthday! She's 5 :)


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