Friday, 14 February 2014

Day 14 of Extremely Frugal February - Cheats' Homemade Ice Cream

Ooh, We're Halfway There!

Happy Valentine's Day to anyone who may happen to celebrate it!

14 days gone, 14 days to go and an almighty overall spend of £251.66 by the time the annual house insurance premium got paid. Ouch! This includes my latest dry food order and delivery... I caved!
Having mulled over the prospect of stocking up on ice cream mix and mango pulp to combine the two, browsed the food site several times, filled and emptied my 'shopping basket' several times and listened to 'houseshare' requesting sweets and biscuit , I was eventually won over by the prospect of the cheap pasta! At 99p for a 3kg bag, I would be crazy to miss such a bargain (although houseshare thinks I'm crazy, anyway) and the sweets are half the price of those sold in village shop. Fingers crossed that everything is in stock and arrives safely next week.
This is what I ordered:
Cheesecake Mix
Ice Cream Mix
Mango Pulp
Meat Free Chicken Style Roast Mix
Spicy Balti Flavour Crisps
Pitta Breads
Dry Roasted Peanuts
Liquorice Allsorts
Wine Gums
Total £15.59
It has to be pointed out that NONE of these items are essential except for the pasta, of which I ordered 9kg to last a good few months. I omitted the biscuits on accounts of having spent more on sweets that I would normally spend on flour and sugar for baking biscuit! It also has to be pointed out that I think I may have ordered double the amount of ice cream mix to what I initially thought! When I looked at the graphic attached, it shows as a twin pack, but can that be right? 17p for 2 packs of ice cream mix? If this turns out to be the case then I am going to have plenty of ice cream AND plenty of mango pulp, being as it's on offer at 4 large tins for £1. The peanuts and so I have some in stock when entertaining guests at the Frugaldom mini-bar.
Back to the mundane - I really did not feel like cooking today, so I didn't! It was porridge for breakfast, mug of vegetable soup for lunch and umm... fruit crumble and instant custard for tea. What can I say? Nowt in my defence.
NYK, Frugaldom.

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  1. great deals and you are doing so well on your monthly totals!!


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