Friday, 17 January 2014

Hidden Treasures Uncovered in Frugaldom

My Frugal Foray into De-cluttering Continues.

Moneysaving and frugal living mean making the most of everything, trying not to waste anything or simply making one thing from another rather than bin it, burn it or bury it. It's 'reduce, reuse, recycle' gone crazy...
Since reaching the age of independence some 30 years ago, I have had 15 home addresses. That equates to a house move every two years, on average, and that's what results in carting boxes of unopened junk and paperwork all around the country.
2014 is my frugal foray into de-cluttering in the hope that I have now found a long-term home. I'd love to say 'permanent home', but such things just aren't worth pondering, in my opinion.
So, what did I find that caused such great excitement while rummaging yesterday?
Y2K Annual Report
An annual report from 2000, which includes a list of items I thought I had lost forever. Nothing very exciting, other than some articles relevant to earning our cyberdosh.

The original eBid necklace!

The above is very exciting, as it harkens back to the 'old' eBid online auctions, when I used to run challenges on there - it was perfect timing, as this year's Billy Can and the Interest Beater Challenge could benefit from this, especially if we sort out some 'stuff' for selling online. You can collect buddy points and several of us still save these for gift buying. The link provided is my buddy link, it's completely free to join and I'll be running part of the Interest Beater Challenge through this selling platform.
Last, but by no means least, I made a fantastic discovery when going through my box of old folders!
It's my original research notes, the synopsis and a couple of rough draft chapters from what I lovingly called my bestseller project! It's based on actual events first brought to my attention in 1982, the consequences of which are so far-reaching that they go beyond the realms of imagination! I am absolutely delighted to have rediscovered them! :)
What treasures can you uncover in your own home? They don't need to have a cash value, just invoke memories from which you can raise a smile or share a tale or two with friends. Ask them to bring along some memories to share over a cuppa - it can be fun!
NYK, Frugaldom.


  1. Not much clutter in my house, but my ten year old and I had a good laugh reading my news books from when I was in the infant class the other day.

    1. What a great way to spend time with your 10-y-o. I'd guessed by your user name that you kept clutter to a minimum and I'll aspire to that just as soon as we've taken care of making the house wind and watertight. :) My eldest grand daughter loves going through what's left of my old photos.

  2. Unfortunately I am easily amused and have tons of clutter to go through, having been in the same house for 40 years! From my children's toys and books (they are in their 30's now!), old quilts and quilt blocks, books, antiques, etc. I open a box and can spend ages going through it..and decide I am still not ready to part with it! I am SLOWLY makingvsome headwsy through piles of fabric...have decided to make cot quilts ahead ofvwhen needed so I can just pull one out and produce it when a new baby is born instead of scrambling like mad to make one...then there is all of the fleeces from my sheep and yarn..another post!

    1. Despite it taking a painstaking amount of time to go through each box - still not finished box 1 yet - I am being harsh, asking myself what the family would think if it was any of them going through my stuff. I want my house in order and hope that doesn't sound too strange to anyone. LOL


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