Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Frugal Fun with our Interest Beater Challenge

This will Test your Will Power

In 2007, I began the Billy Can Plan to help generate extra savings and then, in 2008, along came the Interest Beater Challenge. To celebrate 5 years of interest beating and 15 years of assorted money challenges, we're having a creative makeover.

For those of you who haven't had the chance to read all about it in the Frugal Forums this is a bite-sized. photo roundup of the 2014 challenge to beat the interest rates (shouldn't be too difficult in the current economic climate) and earn ourselves a better rate of interest than any of the instant access, cash ISAs are offering WITHOUT needing money in the bank.

STEP 1 - Go get your old Billy Can
(It's time he brightened up a bit, don't you think?)
STEP 2 - Turn it into a Frugal Faberge-esque Billy Cans!
(Beads, buttons and recycled greetings cards)
STEP 3 - Prepare this year's notebook & diary (or add more pages to your old ones)
(This is the Frugaldom cash cow notebook, it can keep an eye on all the savings)

STEP 4 - Decorate your magic money box
(Recycled Christmas cards and shiny buttons can provide the basics)
STEP 5 - Pop a penny in your Mo(ney) Jo(urney) bag
(No excuses for losing your mojo now!)

That's it - 5 simple steps to preparing for this year's interest beater challenge and, as usual, it is totally free to join us in the forums and take part.
See you there!
NYK, Frugaldom


  1. Replies
    1. Hope you enjoy the rest of it as much. :) Thanks for taking the time to comment.

  2. I LOVE your cash cow notebook!!

    1. Very quick and easy to make, I've done quite a few. Email me a size if you'd like one. :)

  3. quick and simple to do just the way I like it!!

    1. It's great fun preparing for this, too, even if it is just a tin can with a label, as per old Billy Can, but he is still here, holding the fort for rubber bands, pencils and pens on my desk. :)


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