Thursday, 5 December 2013

How to Make a Christmas Candle Lantern from a Tin Can

DIY Frugal Festive Lanterns

A Simple step-by-step guide to making rubbish decorations.

Tin can lantern
It's time to deck the halls and get creative with some kitchen rubbish! In this case, it's empty tin cans. The following items are what you will need to create your very own, individually designed, unique candle lantern. Adult supervision needed for any younger members of the family trying this.
Essential tools for the job
As you can see, you need a hammer, a nail, a pair of work gloves to protect your fingers from freezer burns (or being hit too hard with the hammer) and a mat, towel or cloth of some sort to help prevent the tin can from sliding when you strike it. But look closer at the tin can - it isn't actually empty.
Cans of water in the freezer
These are four cans I had for recycling this week - two beans, one spaghetti, one cat food. I peeled off the paper labels, washed the tins, filled them with water to about a centimetre below the top of the can and then popped them into the freezer overnight.
Making the dot to dot design
Next, you can either draw a simple design onto the can or else cut one out (use the reverse side of the labels) and tape it to the can, then following the lines to create your chosen design. Gently tap the hammer through the can and into the ice, which prevents the can from buckling or bending, making holes along the edge of your design. You can be as creative and intricate as you like, drawing patterns, objects or even stencilling, using different sizes of nails for better effect.
The lantern in my photos was done freehand, so it's far from perfect, but still looks effective with a lit candle inside it.  I use small tealight candles, but you need to be careful when lighting them on the bottom of the tins, best using a taper rather than risking burning yourself.
Added benefits
Cheap and easy to make
Creates a cosy little light that throws out designs on your walls
Emits some heat to help cheer you through the cold winter months.
Pop over into the crafting thread on the Frugal Forums or visit NYK's brand new Frugaldom page on Facebook page to share photos of your creations.
Have fun getting creative with your rubbish and always remember to keep sharp or hot objects out of reach of children.
Place the lanterns on heat-resistant surfaces, out of reach of children and where they cannot be knocked over by boisterous or inquisitive pets.
NYK, Frugaldom

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  1. This is amazing!! So gonna try this. Fun and easy and cheap, just the way I like it :)

    Sarah Allen
    (From Sarah, with Joy)


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