Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Are ISAs the Best Solution for Saving Money?


Are ISAs the Best Solution for Saving Money?

However it’s done, saving up is a very smart thing to do. Even setting aside as little as, say, £50 a month can add up over time, leaving you a sizeable pot of money to enjoy once you’re ready to call it a day at work. Saving alone is smart, but it’s even smarter to find the right account to maximise what you have decided to leave until later on in life.

The right savings account could mean that you make a sizeable amount in interest, which means yet more money to play with once you’re ready to use your money. However, as most savings accounts are pegged to the base rate from the Bank of England (which is just 0.5% at the moment), it’s hard to find some that offer genuine value for money… read more

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