Thursday, 26 September 2013

Octavius Frugalus – October Money Challenge


In October 1775, the whaling ship ‘Herald’ discovered the ‘Octavius​​’ adrift off the coast of Greenland (the land where absolutely everything gets recycled in an eco-friendly way). The crew and passengers on board ‘Octavius’ had all perished and the dear old Captain was still seated at his desk, writing his final blog! The last entry was dated 1762! This ghost ship had been sailing the frozen seas for 13 years!

It would appear that everyone on board ‘Octavius’ had frozen to death, unable to afford any heating, unable to knit or recycle anything into warm clothing, unable to feed themselves by way of not knowing how to rotate stock, preserve and keep their larders, pantries and stores filled. They were basically unable to sustain themselves against all nature and life had to throw at them. Money, after all, cannot buy life itself.

Our October frugal living challenge is about keeping our ships afloat. I love the sketch of ‘Octavius’! It adequately represents the length some people will go to enslave themselves to money when there are so many other things that money can never buy. We sail in pursuit of happiness, contentment and an enriched lifestyle. Money isn’t the be all and end all of life – knowing when to abandon a sinking ship and encouraging others to help save themselves is the best we can hope to do in the worst situations.

So… let’s all help keep the boats afloat this October, in memory of the ghost ship ‘Octavius’. Legend has it that they only perished because the Captain was taking short cuts and planning to reach the unreachable without due consideration for the unexpected. But the unexpected is almost always what catches us out in the end.
Be prepared… the financial seas can get rough during the winter months and we need to be prepared to ride out any storms.

Join us HERE to take part in our October frugal living challenge, your captain for this month’s voyage of discovery will be Octavius Frugalus


  1. frugal queen joining in! I shall move house so need money for...................everything! I need to tighten the tight belt even tighter

    1. That's fabulous news about your house sale, dare I ask if any offers accepted on the downsizer? You'll have that mortgage paid off in no time, I'm sure of it. Hope to see you in the challenge forum, as it's run from there and not here. Good luck with concluding everything. :)


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