Wednesday, 21 August 2013

What's a Girl to Do when it's Lean, Mean and Flaunting Itself at Me?

Dear Musclefood,

We aren't body builders, we're just muscling in on your bargains! :)

Muscle Food
Please note that I am using my personal 'refer a friend' links in this post. This is simply too good to miss, so grab a friend or neighbour (or anyone you care to grab, for that matter) and combine your orders so you can benefit from superb overnight free delivery. Fresh produce straight to your door, ready for portioning up and then filling your freezer. Shortened link is
Premium Chicken Breasts - 1-1.15kg
SPECIAL OFFER: Buy one get another FREE!
Simply add to basket and enter code JUST8 at checkout to claim.
It's a definite win/win situation here and I can honestly, with my hand on my heart, personally commend this company. I think we shocked them a little by shopping on their site as frugalers, rather than bodybuilders, but there's nothing wrong with muscling in on a lean, mean bargain when it's flaunting itself at you, is there?

Here's how to make the most of the deal: visit the website - this is where you can claim your four free chicken breasts - and then go to the link that says 'lean meats', scroll down and select 'chicken'. From here, look for "Premium Chicken Breasts - 1-1.15kg, Was: £9.75 Save: £1.75 From £8.00" - do not click to buy, instead, click to view the offer. Once you do this, you will see some additional information on left of the page that says "SPECIAL OFFER: Buy one get another FREE! Simply add to basket and enter code JUST8 at checkout to claim."

Good luck with this, the offers are all on limited timescales, so I hope you are quick enough to be able to make the most of them. On a gram per gram comparison, not even the cheapest supermarkets within a 50 mile radius of here can compete with these prices. Perhaps you could set up your own food co-operative for local friends and family - any excuse for a get together when the order arrives!

Chicken is one of the main sources of meat protein for many of us who follow a frugal lifestyle, owing to its versatility, availability and price. When we get the opportunity to stock up on chicken breast fillets, we take it! I thought my bargain was superb at £5 per kilo but this is even better.

For those who prefer cooking a whole chicken, there's another deal available, whole chickens for £4 each. In a frugal household, one single chicken breast can feed 2 to 4 people, depending on portion size and meal type, but one single chicken can feed many more.
Frugalers can make even a small chicken feed a dozen people no problem and still get a pot of soup out of the bones. (See forums for stretchy chicken recipes.) So, when I also spotted this offer, I almost fell off my seat!
Whole fresh chickens for £4 each - that's 5 chickens for £20 and enough there for 60 meals plus sufficient stock to make soup enough to last the entire winter. What's more, if it's delivered free then there's no added expense of driving to the supermarket or trying to balance 5 chickens on a bike! Call a friend now, make the most of free delivery or else fill your freezer... if you have any space in it.
By splitting an order with friends, all of these bargains are yours for the taking. My freezer is going to be over-flowing at this rate! It saddens me, somewhat, that I have almost no space to fit in any more bargains. I hope home of you can take advantage of this fantastic, lean, mean offer! In addition, there's usually a free sachet of seasoning and all that lovely packaging to be recycled! Also of importance to my fellow frugalers, your very own refer-a-friend link and bonus loyalty points when you become a customer of Musclefood.
Thanks to a couple of lovely fellow frugalers who have already signed up and ordered these bargains, my loyalty points credit has now increased to 1224. You can earn points by spending, referring friends and by writing short reviews of the products once you have tried them. It's like a frugal living dream come true!

Off in search of more money-saving opportunities now, catch you all later,

NYK in Frugaldom.


  1. As soon as we have our chest freezer installed in our new place I will use your links to help re-stock it, but for now I'm running down the supplies ready for the switch off.

    It really is a bargain, thanks for pointing us in the right direction :-)

    Although really my heart is shouting 'poor little chickens', sorry that's just me, but my Lovely Hubby will eat chicken until it comes out of his ears, if I would let him, but like you I can make a breast stretch and stretch (less chickens die that way in my little head!!).

    One breast to me would be three meals for one -a chicken curry, a sandwich AND a chicken and mushroom pie, so just imagine how far I would be able to make an order last. Fingers crossed there's something similar when I can order.

    Truly a brilliant offer for us frugaleers :-)

    1. I have a slightly different perspective on the chicken thing as I worked in the industry, both meat and eggs. The way I see it is that if we don't eat chickens - mostly cockerels - then few would be able to afford to farm eggs and many more people eat those. No cockerels required in that department, so they all need to go somewhere, even if it is into the pet food or less than savoury cheap processed food chain. I like that this site provides their meat from sources that are above the legislated welfare standards rather than simply meeting them. :)

  2. I'm desperate for a chest freezer - I love bargains like this

    1. It's the best I can find in our situation when living here. If it wasn't for power cuts, I'd risk looking for a big chest freezer, too.

      Hope you are feeling much better. :)

  3. I'm unsure of the price of meat as I haven't eaten it for over 20 years. I do eat fish.
    However, £4.00 for a whole chicken sounds like a real bargain to me!

    Good luck with fitting them in your freezers!


    1. To put it all into perspective, RW, I look at it as being £4 + cooking time for up to a dozen meals plus a huge pot of soup. The chickens on here have no added water to bulk up their weight and in addition to all those meals and soup, the remains leftover from stock-making can be turned into cat food, so there is zero waste other than the piece of elastic and packaging. Even at that, I'm sure most of us keep most of the plastic trays for recycling into plant trays or other similar such things. :)

  4. My Muscle Foods order came yesterday and I spent a happy hour portioning it all out into freezer bags, labelling it, (something that I usually neglect to do and then spend ages looking at a frozen mass trying in vain to determine what it was originally). My elder son ordered two of 5kg of chicken breasts and now has enough protein for his meals at work for 22 weeks. Two of the breast weigh 1 lb and that's his weekly allowance.(He preps his meals a week in advance and freezes them - at 19, how organised is that!).

    I now have both freezers crammed to the gunnels and have estimated that I won't have to be buying any meat until the new year, (come to think of it, apart from milk, some cheese, fruit and veg I won't have to buy anything until the new year!)

    My younger son works for Marks and Spencers and he's pointed out that their chickens are £4.00 each at the moment. I did have a quick look at them and they are a nice size and M&S have good animal welfare policies. I don't need any more chicken but it might be worth a look for anyone else reading this blog. It would mean not having to buy in bulk.

    1. Glad you were happy with your order and that it's not just me being peculiar about finding such bargains exciting! :) My son was/still is same about his meals, but only because he's body building. Had he not chosen to do that, I doubt if he'd have bothered anywhere near as much. At least they'll know how to budget for themselves, even if future wives and families may starve at the expense of their men having sufficient protein. LOL


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