Monday, 12 August 2013

Easy to Make, Low Fat, Raspberry Ice Cream

Today's Flavour of the Day is Raspberry

It's August, we've had plenty of sunshine and the raspberries out in the garden are ripening by the day, so we're picking them as quickly as we can, using what we can and freezing the surplus. This year seems to be a good year for berries.

As you know and as I am constantly reminding everyone, we are living in our rural idyll without a car and there are no buses, so treats and delicacies concerning anything frozen need to be home made - can't exactly cycle 8 miles for a tub of ice cream when the sun is beating down.

Anyhow, I also mentioned that I'd been given a little battery-operated ice cream maker that originally came from an Avon catalogue (batteries not included), so this is my first attempt at making ice cream in it.

Previous ice cream challenges have involved making and using a home made ice cream maker from coffee tins, hand making the ice cream just by stirring it in the tub periodically, making it and allowing it to freeze without stirring it and now this - a battery operated kitchen gadget. If you don't have one of these, don't worry, it's easy to improvise by simply stirring the ice cream every 10 minutes or so while it's freezing.


250g raspberries
150g sugar
250ml skimmed milk
1. Mash the fruit into a jug or bowl. To help things along a bit, I blitzed my raspberries in the microwave for two minutes to slightly stew them and then mashed them with a wooden spoon.

2. Add the sugar and then pour in the milk. Mix this all together until the sugar has dissolved. At this point, I used a stick blender and whizzed the mix smooth.

3. Pour the mix into your chosen container or ice cream maker.
4. Place in your freezer and wait. If you are using a machine, it will probably auto stir throughout the freezing process. If you are freezing in an ordinary tub, take it out and stir the contents every 10 minutes to ensure even thawing and minimum ice crystals.
That's it! Home made, low fat ice cream for you to enjoy.


  1. Looks very nice. The only thing we do differently is to sieve the raspberry puree to remove the pips!

    1. I don't mind the pips, although I'd probably sieve it if I was serving it up to visitors. Then again, when it tastes so nice freshly made, who's to say there would ever be any left for the visitors? LOL

      I think my next lot will be chocolate chip, as I have cocoa and chocolate that can be grated - not so low fat. :)

  2. Yum yum yum shame I have no raspberries growing this year.

    1. Any fruit works, WP, just stew it to soften it if it can't be mashed. :)


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