Sunday, 7 July 2013

Frugal Gardening and Glamorous Gold

Absolutely Fabulous!

Middle of the year after completing the tax return is always a good time for assessing your income and expenditure. You know if you have enough in the kitty to afford the summer holiday or even get things done about the house and garden. It's an absolutely fabulous time to seek out bargains and even look in awe at the ultimate in glamour garden wear...
I kid you not! Here they are in all their golden glory - sadly being discontinued by our Capital city's wellie makers, which seems such a shame seeing as I have only just discovered them. Right now, you can buy a pair of these genuine Hunters for less than £35!
Don't get me wrong, I didn't invest in a pair, but I do see good footwear as a long term investment. I simply couldn't warrant such a rash spend while spending on other things. (Aren't gardens addictive once you start seeing what you can BUY for them? My addiction is quickly being curtailed and moulded into one of copycatting, using whatever I can lay my hands on to make similar stuff' without having to buy it. But I digress, yet again. So, if anyone wants to get me a glitzy pair of gold Hunter welly boots them for my next birthday, feel free to try and locate a size 6. I shall treasure them with 'gilty' pleasure.
There are other stunning colours available at around the £35 mark but before launching into full blown 'must have' mode, there is a way of bringing that price down even further... here's how:
Online Cashback
By registering through a site like *Topcashback you can visit your chosen online stores via their links and qualify for discounts. Better still, these discounts are paid to you I cash or, as per my preferred method, you can receive a further 5% on top of your cash back by taking it as an *Amazon voucher.

 This evening, I was placing an order through Gardening Direct, as they have a half price sale on and always have some fantastic monthly offers. My basket was bursting, as we frugalers tend to play IE Windows shopping quite often - filling our baskets with all the things we want to buy and then emptying them again - or is that just me? I did leave a couple of items in there but that's another blog post. Anyhow, I spotted the glamorous golden wellies and would have added a pair to my basket had there been any of the correct size. (Probably just as well that there weren't!) At £34.99 they were just too tempting. Here goes for the discounts...

Deducting the future £3.50 cash back brings them down to £31.49, less another 17p for switching cash back to an Amazon voucher, we're now down to £31.32 for a pair of top brand name wellies that can retail at closer to THREE TIMES that price in certain stores. But wait... there's more! If I paid using a 1% cash back credit card, which is seeing only the original £34.99 price tag, that's another 17p off the overall cost, bringing us down to £31.15 - not bad for a pair of Wellington boots that are classy enough for festivals, glitzy enough for fancy dress, comfy enough to walk miles in and durable enough to give you years of pleasure while working in your microholding. And what's even more fabulous about these boots? They are totally waterproof in winter!

You know what? I have almost talked myself into finding me a pair of those super-duper, cheeky, chic, classy, glamorous, glitzy, totally over the top Hunter wellies. I wonder how easy it is to pedal a bike while wearing them?

NB: Many sites charge a delivery fee, don't forget to account for this when working out the best available prices.

* Denotes affiliate or refer-a-friend links


Edited in - I eventually did find (and am now the proud owner of) a pair of gold metallic Hunter (Huntress) Wellies! :D


  1. Wow!! If I was in the market for buying wellies I'd def get a pair. I bought a pair of Toggi wellies 7 years ago for £80 (that was in my old life!!)and they're still going strong. So comfy I can even do long dog walks in them

    1. The fact that Hunter is such a well known name and in a way a 'local' company means I have quite high regard for their brand. I've only ever had one pair of original Hunters and they lasted me years - probably still be going strong had they not been left behind in previous life.

  2. I just love the #frugalmaths - then if you added fashion maths to the equation you'd see quite what a bargain they actually were! Fashion maths = price of item divided by how many times you'd genuinely wear it, resulting in the actual cost per wear of the item.

    I could quite see you in gold wellies!

    1. Have searched around but size 6 seems to be very popular, so not a sign of a pair left anywhere at that price. :(

  3. Well my frugal mind is now in a frugal tizzy- had to be done. There are videos on how to decorate wellies for yourself.....perhaps not now but a can of gold spray paint Nyk?!

    1. LOL Not sure I'd like trying to spray paint a pair of rubber wellies, Aril. I think if I went to those lengths then I would feel obliged to bling them up even more!

  4. Buying a good pair of willies that will last years is money well spent, as if you work out what it costs to buy a cheap pair every couple of years when they split, you will be saving money by buying the more expensive pair from the get go.

    Not that I would like a pair of gold willies. The neighbours think I am already crazy as it is.....wearing gold willies would just confirm it!!

    By the way that price was a great deal, as here is what they are in Canada:

    1. Gill, I certainly do think that your neighbours would see you as crazy if you began walking around in a pair of 'willies'. ROFL I had to check back through my blog post after having made the exact same typing error on several occasions, did I miss one or have you got the same typing problem I have between your 'e' and 'i' keys? Sorry for laughing, I just assumed it was highlighting my own typing error. :)

    2. Gave ne such a giggle! :-D

  5. Haha....I'm always typing willies instead of wellies :-)

    I have a pair of Hunters, but mine are bog standard dark blue, they are most unworn wellies out of all the pairs I own, I think I need longer legs for them they just seem to high on me.

    I have my super duper comfy Joules wellies for when it's dry ... they are falling to bits and have more holes than a sieve but are just so comfy for gardening in, and my cheapo from the garden centre basic green wellies for when it's wet and I really do want to keep my feet dry.

    Somewhere I have some three quarter height ones and somewhere else there is a pair of little shoe type wellies, maybe they're lurking in the Man Shed.

    I'll have to stand in some manure till my legs grow an inch or two longer and then I can wear my Hunters!!


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