Tuesday, 1 January 2013



Life will be back to 'normal' soon enough, so make the most of the break and prepare to meet 2013 with renewed vigour and let's all try to have more frugal fun.
Usual resolutions are made - get fitter, eat less, stick to the budget, avoid debt and make a Will. The latter has been on my list for several years but I really do need to sort this out now that I'm part-owner of a house. The legalities are complicated, so best be prepared for all events.
No spending to be done today but the year got off to a good start with email from Amazon informing me that I have a voucher heaing my way to the tune of £27 something or other, so that's a great start to my 'EEK' Money-making Challenge. Added to what's left over from 2012's vouchers earned through cashback sites and Nectar points, that should take me up to about £35. For the benefit of new readers, EEK stands for 'Everything Else Kitty', which is a separate challenge from my £4,000 household budget challenge.
That's all from me today, dinner is almost cooked and I haven't even finished making the trifle. Organisational skills haven't improved since 2012 left us last night, that's for sure.
Have a great year, everyone!


  1. HAPPY NEW YEAR to you too
    I love the idea of EEK!!
    Whenever one of us is tempted to spend, we say "WHAM!" [We Have A Mortgage]

    I am having a deliciously lazy Bank Holiday, mostly sewing while husband builds a workbench...not going anywhere near shops or sales [in reality or online]

    This evening I will look at the food in store, now all Christmas guests have gone,and plan menus for the coming weeks.[it may be frugal, but is it sensible to make a ham sandwich with panettone bread, do you think?] xx

  2. If it's use it up time, then a sandwich can be anything - it's a no holds barred, frugal snack. :)

    Enjoy the holiday and have fun dodging shops and sales. :)

  3. Really impressed with your EEK budget so far!

    Sft x

  4. Happy New Year to you and your family,



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