Thursday, 13 December 2012

A Proper Thank You for my Love Bomb!

How Does a 'Love Bomb' Work?

Stéfan / Foter / CC BY-NC-SA
I am still trying to work out how the love bomb works - I understand the concept and love that I was the recipient of one, but am stuck for what happens next. I feel a bit like the picture shown here - Indiana Jones and an avalanche of presents.

What's the protocol?

How does one respond?

Indeed, how does one thank people properly when contact details are so scant? If anyone can clear up this little problem for me, I would be very grateful. Perhaps you could all send me your addresses via the contact page on this blog and allow me to send each of you a frugal, micro McGonk. Yes, that's a good idea... please will the following people send me their return addresses so Clan McGonk can begin infiltrating many more frugal homes! :)

Edited in at lunchtine:

Look what the postman just brought into Thrift Cottage! An awesome collection of wools, the likes of which I have never seen before, from an anonymous frugaler. Wow! Can you tell this knitting game is new to me? Last time I knitted (prior to the wrist warmers) was when I was pregnant; the result of that period of my life is my 25-year-old daughter who now has two daughters of her own!

Ooh, what fun I am going to have with all these fabulous yarns! I can't even think about where to begin...

My sincerest gratitude goes out to all of you and I hope there is some small way in which I can show my appreciation.

I'd also like to include this:

Scottish gonks from the McGonk collectionIt's a photo of a few of the little McGonks I have been making from all the lovely Secret Santa and love bomb bits and pieces I've received. (The speckly fabric is from the offcut I bought via eBid.), It's the start of my frugal micro-business project, all helped along by some wonderful, kind-hearted frugal bloggers.

The grey McGonk at the front is one I made last night. This is being donated to the local children's storyteller and will, hopefully, help introduce the pre-school children who attend her story-telling sessions in the library to the joys of frugaling and recycling during her 'Frugal February'. :)

Froogs, I have been tracking your Secret Santa parcel and it seems to be doing some amount of travelling between depots, I really hope it reaches you soon. Current update states it's at depot (it doesn't say which one) and arrived there at 3am this morning. Maybe that means it has gone out for delivery today or has even reached you by now, after leaving here on Friday. Fingers crossed!



  1. No return gifts needed - love bombs sent, you just need to enjoy them! XXXXX

  2. I really am over-awed by it all. I've even had to do an edit on this post since the postman arrived at lunchtime! :D

  3. Save your gonks for selling hunny,your enthusiasm is reward enough. I have been blessed by blogger generosity lately so am just paying it forward. Im constantly amazed how the bloggers can help each other its a wonderous thing to behold. Hugs Vix

  4. I've just updated the blog to show how extremely generous everyone can be. It has certainly renewed any flagging faith in humanity I may have had and I hope it manages to do similar for many others. :)

  5. What a lovely idea, but no need for a return gift x Alison

  6. I'm gradually learning more about this concept and have updated the blog post accordingly. Thanks for keeping me right, guys and gals. :)

  7. The love goes on and you just carry on by turning all of this into something that will make you a living. we all enjoyed being part of this....just think, if we hadn't of entered an online competition we would never have 'met'. We are all the better for reading your blog and your little gonks are real characters xxxx

  8. Thanks, Frugal Queen. I do wish your Secret Santa parcel would hurry up and arrive! Parcel2Go tracking STILL saying it's at depot. Will email you the page so you can see the scant details provided.

  9. Hi I sent the wool and if you have fun using it then that will be thanks enough. Enjoy!!

  10. Wonderful! Good luck, it's been a pleasure to help in a tiny way, one of the good things about t'internet and blogging! Happy McGonk making and selling!x

  11. Wonderful collection from so many people.
    no need to send anything back.

  12. YOu guys are all great! Wendy, if you happen to read this, I received your parcel of wool today - the love just keeps on going and going and going.

    By way of thanks, I transferred £24 to the NYK Media account, which is where I try my best to help a few overseas frugaleurs. The cash got distributed as £10 to each of two Malawi based individuals and £4 direct donation to Deki. It's amazing how much a micro-loan can help people in poor countries to build themselves self-sustainable businesses in order to keep their families from starving. They don't see it as accepting foreign charity, they see it as personal investment, which they do their best to pay back, allowing the money to be forwarded to another deserving case.


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