Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Never Mind the Winter Weather, What about Cold Fusion

Going all high-brow on frugal energy supplies

My mini-bomb site that's being cleared to reveal a lovely big space in the Frugaldom garden has been the subject of much debate. The area has almost been completely cleared, revealing a fantastic 8m x 3m of new space.

As energy supply is of key importance to us frugalers, all sorts of suggestions have been discussed, from a new wood store to a small poly tunnel, a bird aviary (I know!) to a bunker. Yes, I really did say a bunker!

Now, I know that when thinking of bunkers we may automatically think nuclear fall out shelters rather than cellars for storage or shelter from tornadoes, but I was thinking of neither.

Tomorrow, according to some reports, there might be a very important scientific experiment carried out at the University of Bologna in Italy! If this proves to be true and one Professor Rossi really can prove his theory works, any remote possibility of success could herald a new dawn in energy production.

I'm no scientist, least of all a nuclear physicist, but I am aware of the terms 'Cold Fusion' and 'LENR' (Low Energy Nuclear Reactions).  I watch 'The Big Bang Theory' and have a Scottish Higher in Biology, if that counts? I've even heard of the E-Cat. (No it isn't like a Tamagotchi, I don't think?)

Anyhow, tomorrow is meant to be the start of this latest great test, where they're going to bombard a metal medicine ball with computerised electronic impulses at such a rate as to compress the entire contents to produce new energy. At least that's how I like to think of it.

My coal I bought a fortnight ago cost me £108.00 for half a tonne.

I spend approximately £15 per week on electricity

Logs are £50 per trailer load delivered

I get through £25 worth of petrol each month despite working from home

What this all adds up to is the fact that over the period of a single year, our average energy and fuel costs amount to at least £125 every month! That is ridiculous when we are such a frugal household of waste not, want not people.

But back to my new space cleared in the back garden - IF Prof. Rossi's invention, known as the E-Cat (Energy Catalyser) really does work, proven without a shadow of a doubt, the future of clean energy will dawn by this weekend and it will herald a new beginning, the greatest invention ever that could solve the global warming problem while stopping the melt of the polar icecaps mid-flow. Let's say it could be some kind of miracle

Never mind the Mayan calander, the 2012/2013 predictions, the age of aquarius or the New World Order, the cold fusion war may be about to erupt!

Clean energy, cheap energy, renewable energy with supposedly little or no carbon footprint - could I fit a frugal e-cat or LEN reactor into the space we've just cleared in our back garden? I mean, how difficult can they be to build? They sound like big batteries with the power to squeeze out enough power to fuel the whole of Frugaldom indefinitely. What a thought that is! Too good to be true? Who knows!

I wonder if there would be enough space next to my frugal e-cat for a heated greenhouse? That would really help the veggies along during the cold, Scottish winter months!

I'm not holding my breath awaiting results from the October 6th tests - it may all be nothing more than an elaborate hoax. But then again, there are those who questioned the 1969 moon landings and just as many believe in the Loch Ness monster, aliens at Roswell and human cloning - we choose our own truths, sometimes carelessly.

I'll keep an open mind on this and hope there's just a bit of a news blackout on the e-cat discovery. That would explain all the claok and dagger stuff and the lack of global awareness. As I love to say, he who controls the media, controls the general public. Guess it would be a bit like proving you could run your car on water alone - think how well received that news would be!



  1. I think we all have belief theories. For example. How many people believe in God, Aliens and Ghosts? Did they really put a man on moon? Why isn't there a space station there now?

    Why does the UK spend Billions on nuclear weapons it will never use? Why can't they just say they have nuclear weapons? Why don't they spend the money on the people instead?

    Why can't we run our heating and transport off H20?

  2. Wasn't it such a shame that the great Steve Jobs passed away yesterday? He certainly had his own theories and nothing stood in his way to success. I believe that we are all lucky to live at a time and in a place where anyone is free to pursue their dreams, achieve their goals and mark down their own names in history.

    I'll need to do another post on this, just to fit in all my responses. LOL


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