Friday, 7 October 2011

Life Takes Some Strange Turns, Indeed.

Everything About Frugal Living is Colourful!

The soup is made, the bread is baked, the washing is hanging out on the line and there's been some form of military exercise going on in the skies above us, recently.

If the cat hadn't woken me at dawn, I'd have missed the glorious sunrise which, in turn, would have meant that I'd have missed the camouflage coloured helicopters that whirled and droned as they flew over our roof at very low altitude. I almost wished I had been in one of the attic rooms at the time of the 'Frugaldom fly past', so I could have waved at the pilots through the Velux window!

But I digress.

Once again, my frugal research has lead me into previously uncharted waters. Or rather, more free forums!

Having only recently learned about Ted Cachart and his mission to rally the veteran troops to make one final assault on the Heroes Return 2 lottery funding before it ends, I seem to have ended up researching more than just wartime living and lottery funded tours for the WW2 veterans.

I soon found myself wandering into a site called 'World War II Talk' and ended up in their forums. That's right, my cherished handful of readers, I joined more forums!

All this frugal living and vegetable growing had led me into wartime-themed discussions about the 'Dig for Victory' schemes and all the money-saving ways adopted by our relatives during those bleak times. I blame my gran for my frugalist attitude; she is a great one for saving every penny, having lived through those war years.

So, what did I find on the WW2 talk forum that interested me so much?

Well, first of all, I found more of those real, live veterans, the guys (and, lest we forget, the gals) who donned the uniforms and went to war so that we could all be here, in relative safety, admiring the sunrises and sunsets at our leisure. The Internet truly is an awesome place for learning new stuff!

But that's not all I found - I discovered a link to a copy of the Ministry of Agriculture's Dig for Victory leaflet on yet another site, called 'Earthly Pursuits'.

I find all of this very interesting and the above leaflet may well become the focus of my attention for future developments in the new Frugaldom gardens - otherwise known as my microholding.

As for my soup kitchen, well, I've been known as the 'soup dragon' since 1985, so that's never going to go away anytime soon. In fact, I'll bookmark it as the title for my 'Soup eBook'. (There you go, Dave - I do listen sometimes!)

So you really do still find this a bit boring? I should hope not!

The most exciting thing I happened across during yesterday's virtual exploration was an image of a sheet of newspaper that had been first published in 1943 - I'm now trying to ascertain if the soldier in the grainy photograph is actually...  my grandad!

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  1. Thanks Soup Dragon!! Only joking! I loved the Clangers and Oliver Postgate was a genius. Don't drop any clangers in your soup. It's a great book title!


    some WW2 recipes here :)


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