Thursday, 29 September 2011

Please Help Spread the Word Before this Money is Gone

Well Earned Travel, a Fitting Tribute and Funding to Make it all Possible.

Frugal living is something that many of our parents, grandparents and great grandparents have been familiar with for years. This lifestyle is nothing new to them and they can certainly teach us a thing or two about household budgeting after what they have been through during The War.

Making the most of whatever was available, adopting a waste not, want not attitude and trying their best to eke out every penny was all part of a normal day. This has never been more apparent than during wartime.

Vegetable growing, sewing, dressmaking, batch cooking for their hungry families and keeping the home fires burning may have been essential to survival. Meanwhile, husbands, fathers and sons would be in far off places, facing the challenges and dangers of war. Back then, there were no such luxuries as computers, globally networked mobile phones or public telephony - communications were whatever brief notes could be scribbled and sent to comfort loved ones and offer a tiny fragment of reassurance to those back home. It really is amazing just how much we take for granted nowadays when we get down to thiking about it all.

The Dig for Victory scheme was introduced as soon as World War II began, meaning that every available space back home had to be turned over to food production. Stores would never last the entire nation  for six months, let alone years, so allotments began springing up everywhere.

Looking back, it is difficult to imagine how people coped living with the stresses of a war-torn nation while trying to carry on with life in the absense of many of the able-bodied men. The fight was as much here as anywhere else, only here it was a fight for survival in a slightly different way. Life was a struggle.

All of those survivors deserve recognition and all deserve to be able to afford to visit those far-flung places where they once fought or where loved ones lost their lives. Hopefully, the following will be of help to some. All that I ask is that you spread the word to all concerned before this funding is gone.

Heroes Return 2 is a £17 million scheme providing funding to WWII veterans, their wives or husbands, widows or widowers and, where needed, accompanying carers to visit the overseas areas where World War II veterans saw active service.

Launched in 2004 as part of the Big Lottery Fund's Veterans Reunited programme, the scheme has already helped thousands of UK veterans to revisit battlefields where they once fought and for widows, spouses and carers to witness where it all happened.

Many fought and died to defend our nation in order that we might enjoy freedom and safety. We have what we have because of our wartime heroes. It is only natural that we should make every effort to ensure all those affected can afford to make the trip to pay a final and fitting tribute to their loved ones who lost their lives in the name of this country.

Grants of up to *£5,500 are available to veterans resident in the UK and Republic of Ireland who fought with or alongside British forces in WWII. Widows and widowers of veterans are also eligible, as are carers and spouses traveling with veterans.

Ted Cachart, himself a WW2 veteran who has successfully been through the funding process, is more than willing to help anyone through their application process. Ted can be contacted via any of the following:

Tel: 01582 737152
Mobile: 07543 550 660 

Please help spread the word before funding ends in January 2012.

*£5500 is the total for a husband and wife as well as a carer to the far east.

Please feel free to print this blog post and redistribute it to anyone who may not know about the scheme or even to your local newspapers, radio and/or TV stations. Full details regarding the funding available from the Big Lottery Fund website.


  1. I would have loved to see Land Girls, Spitfires and the Dig For Victory campaign. Wouldn't have liked to have had to go to war!

    What a wonderful and noble charity!

    We wouldn't have the freedom to write if it wasn't for those heroes!

  2. Dave, would you consider using it as a guest blog post or linking up to it somehow? It would be much appreciated, as I truly believe this to be worthwhile. Our elderly relatives are few and far between, so this will probably be the last chance many of them have to take a trip of a lifetime. :)

  3. I've just done a link on Facebook to this post. A brilliant scheme, I hope as many as possible can benefit from this before it vanishes.

    Sue xx

  4. Consider it done Frugaldom!

    Pop over to the Dave Dealy Blog on the Good Life Press Publisher Blog site. You will find mine and Ben Hardy's blogs and a few other authors too. Ben's wine making book is in the shops in the next few weeks! I can't wait to read it!

  5. But Dave, will he help spread the word about the Lottery Funded tours? :) Come to think of it, Ben is also in the Frugaldom forums, where he keeps us right with our homemade wine exploits.

  6. Many thanks, Sue. Seems such a shame that these Lottery Funded schemes never get enough publicity, then folks are kicking themselves for finding out too late.


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