Saturday, 24 September 2011

Frugal Photographic Fun - Picture in Picture

September Sunshine and Fun in the Frugaldom Garden

Part 2

Following on from my earlier post, I have now had a closer look at the original photographs and found many more contained within them.

I spotted several things that I hadn't even noticed while taking them, so quite a few frugal bonuses and rather fun searching the photos for hidden 'clues' to what's really going on in the garden.

The initial view of the garden, on closer inspection, revealed several runner beans that are ready for picking. I'm amazed that the rabbit hadn't already helped herself to these.

This fly was one of a few that were on the sunflowers.

I'm not a great fan of creepy crawlies or flying beasties, but I was really impressed by how the bright yellow of the sunflower petals highlighted the lace pattern of the wings.

If you look closely, you can even see this fly's hairy little knees and feet!

What do you think of this sunflower yellow? It's fabulous!

Sunflowers are really quite amazing. The closer you look at them, the more fascinating they become - this brown mosaic swirl is the very centre of the flower. Each one of these will become a sunflower seed one day soon.

For some strange reason, this reminds me of an armadillo!

Moving further out from the centre of the sunflower, I spotted this strange array of what looks more like they should be swaying on the bottom of the sea bed!

I can highly recommend playing this fun and frugal game. Out of a few digital photographs, I have managed to highlight several aspects of the garden that would, otherwise, have been overlooked. (Family like to see the photo diaries, as they aren't close enough to visit in person on a regular basis.)

Hello MUM! :)

Along the dry stone wall, beyond the pumpkins and kale then past the sweet peas, there are still hundreds of rosehips of all colours.

Despite the autumnal weather that seems to be fast approaching, there are still quite a fe wild roses blooming.

It was while inspecting the photo for all these rosehips and sweetpea blossomgs that I spotted an anomaly. Can you spot it?

Almost in the centre of this clump of colourful swet peas, I can see a single yellow flower - some sort of rogue dandelion or daisy - a weed that has clambered up through the sweet peas to emerge among the blooms.

I love the smell of sweet peas and am really glad that there are so many flowers. They just keep on growing, as if coming through in wave after wave of colour.

Did anyone spot the snowball turnips growing below the kale? I will need to get out and lift a few more of these, as I hadn't spotted them on my round of the garden. Oops!

I love this photo in a photo of Floppity rabbit finding Scruffy cat beneath the brussel sprouts. It really is the cat's whiskers.

Floppity soon took off, so a closer inspection of the next photograph provided evidence of her escape route... this is her big furry feet and tail about to disappear further into the sprout patch.

All of these images are part of the photographs published in part 1 of today's blog.

If anyone decides to play the frugal photo game, don't forget to upload your findings to your own blog or site then let us all know where we can see them.

The sun shone all day, so the patio was the favoured spot for coffee drinking and chatting, especially when visitors arrived. Floppity got confined to barracks, as she can be such a pest, but Scruffy insisted she oined in and got all the attention.

In between baking, biscuit making and soup making, I did get around to planting all the spring bulbs. Frugaldom now has a selection of daffodils, tulips, irises, snowdrops and crocuses crammed into the planters that sit around the front of the house. A bit more compost needed to top these up but then it's all down to nature to do her good deed and make my bulbs grow.

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