Wednesday, 11 May 2011

It's Been Exactly 4 Weeks Since We Got the Keys...

What a Change 4 Weeks Can Make

It's been exactly four weeks since we collected the keys to our 'fixy up' house. In four more weeks, we will have moved in, regardless of the condition of the house, as the new tenant will have moved in here by then.

Despite the state of the house, most of the work that's been done has been outside in the garden.

Four weeks ago, I said there wouldn't be any chance of getting anything growing in the new garden this year, but that was before the three weeks of amazing, summerlike weather that we've had. I now have the following sown or planted:

tay berries
sweet peppers
chili peppers
2 types of mint
lettuce & salad leaves
spring onions
runner beans
french beans
giant pumpkins
brussel sprouts

There's a small quail coop now set up, with quail inside it! The duck run should be completed this afternoon, weather permitting, and the hen run is almost complete.

So, the first 4 weeks have gone into creating the basis for our microholding, which will be a fulltime project.

The garden has now been split into three manageable sections - poultry, fruit and then vegetables. The stream has been fenced off, to keep the ducks (and little people, like grandaughter) out and we're gradually wearing a path down the length of the entire garden.

The next 4 weeks have to be dedicated to making the house habitable.

Since beginning, we now have:

functioning shower room
running water (cold only)
coal fire
opening & closing front windows
opening & closing front door
opening & closing back door (needs panel of safety glass)
floor taken back to concrete in kitchen
upstairs rooms wood treated
staircase wood treated

The next 4 weeks will be the most important, as we need to be moved in by 7th June at the latest. I'll update on house progress first chance I get ad, in the meantime, we're there every afternoon if anyone drops in for a cuppa - running water and working sockets mean the kettle can go on anytime. :)


  1. I cannot believe how things have moved on, in only 4 really are an inspiration to us all aiming to live the 'good' life!!
    You're legs must ache every night with all that work, but not long till you can maybe enjoy a lovely hot bath in your new home? :)
    Can't wait to see more pictures and updates.

  2. If the kettle works then it's 'home'.

    Well done on all your hard work, what an achievement in such a short space of time. I'm sure you'll be tucked up nice and cosy in your very own place in the next four weeks.

    Sue xx

  3. Amazing!
    You have worked hard.
    Your garden sounds very productive indeed!
    If I lived neare, I could give you some tomato plants, I set too many seeds, I've got them on my kitchen, bathroom, and living room windowsills! Plus aubergines and petunias, they were free seeds/seedlings.

    Sandie xx

  4. Excellent progress - you are inspiring!!!

  5. I can't believe you have done so much in such a short space of time! Fantastic!

  6. Still plodding along, more like. We're moving in within 4 weeks and there are so many huge jobs to be done, like floors, walls and roof. Getting all the smaller, cost-free things done is easy, in comparison. The final run-in to the move will be the most costly, I suspect.

    Hoping to have hot water and central heating by start of this coming week. :)


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