Friday, 20 May 2011

Day 36 of 50, we've only two weeks left.

Is a Fortnight Long Enough?

Rainbow over the Frugaldom Microholding

A 50 day challenge to turn a 'fixy-up' into a house that's habitable sounds like fun.

50 days sounds like a long time, plenty for doing all the jobs that need doing before moving into the house - excepting the fact there have been a couple of bank holiday long weekends and a Royal wedding to interupt the flow of daily life.

50 days can fly in - today is day 36, so we have only two weeks remaining to get the place into some semblance of normality. Did I mention the frugal budget?

Fortunately, we've been able to make do with a great deal of what was already in the house but the next fortnight will see the 'real' bills begin, as we've had to replace some absolute essentials - cistern fittings, electrical fues board, immersion heater, central heating pump, various pieces of pipework and electrical cabling. There's still plenty more to spend on, but we're taking it one day at a time. Most urgently, we now need bitumous roof paint and a bathroom window, so if anyone locally has a half decent window measuring about 885mm x 885m, please get in touch ASAP. We also need a pane of safety glass for the back door, about 450mm x 490mm should do it. :)

Currently, there's no proper power supply to the attic bedrooms, part of the hall floor is missing, part of the main hall wall has been chipped back to the brickwork, part of the spare room floor is missing, there's exposed pipework in the livingroom, hall, spare room, kitchen and bathroom, the shower isn't wired in properly, there's only half a ceiling in the kitchen, the bathroom window hasn't been replaced, and there are several small, pesky leaks that need attending to. Oh, and there's no kitchen other than the sink.

I haven't had a great deal of time to keep the blog up to date, but I do complete my daily journal in the Frugaldom forum, as part of our 50 day challenge plus upload the daily photographs, as progress gets made.

Sunny weather always entices me outdoors, so there's probably far bigger changes being made in the garden than in the house, but everything is growing. The rest of the photos are in the forum daily journal.

Feel free to follow the daily updates HERE. You only need to register a username, which is free to do, and there's no spam mail.
See you all there - don't forget to say hello and feel free to offer your suggestions and/or comments regarding some of my 'design dilemmas'.

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