Tuesday, 1 March 2011

The Peoples' Supermarket is coming to Glasgow!


I've just heard that there's a new store planned for Glasgow city centre! It's The Peoples' Supermarket.
This is tremendous news for all fans of frugal living and for everyone on a tight budget. The opportunity to obtain bargains in locally produced or grown foodstuff is paramount to the success of any environmentally sustainable programme - Government or otherwise!
It's a pity that we're over 2 hours drive from the city, but I'd certainly go in search of the store if I ever visit and I'll definitely be recommending it to everyone I know. I sincerely hope that Glasgow City Council rates office sees fit to a reduction or waiver of the commercial rates on whichever property is being used. It's the rent and rates that can cripple any small business, so the fact that The People's Supermarket is more of a community based co-operative has to bode well in that respect.
Lest we forget, this store will also mean that the opportunity is there for local producers to pass on their surplus (or supermarket rejected) fresh produce. Glasgow already has a fruit market - we used to have to get up about 4am in time to get there and be back in time for opening time - but I am sure that many farms and producers will be only too happy to trade out what their main contracts don't cover.
The latest news has come at a very appropriate time:  only yesterday, the Coalition Government published its vision for sustainable development. (Check it out. There's not an awful lot in it, so it shouldn't take you too long.)
Twitter members can follow the news @TPSGlasgow
Frugaldom and all concerned will be following this story very closely and will pass on any news we hear.

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