Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Making Ends Meet with Social Media & Virtual Networking


Frugaldom and microholding are all very well, but we still need to make ends meet. Bills won't stop arriving simply because we are moving house, nor will they decrease. In reality, they are going to double, temporarily (again), while we make the transition from one house to the next.

Keep in mind that we have had to dig up everything from this garden in preparation for the move to a place that has no garden at the moment. 2011 could be a completely non-productive gardening year. But we still need to eat, pay for the keep of the poultry and have enough income to make a start on creating a cost-effective garden system that will suit our needs in years to come. (We also need to make the house habitable.)

So where, exactly, does social media and networking fit into all of this?

Simple! I need to be able to communicate with other people. I need to be able to spread the word of who we are, what we are about and how we are going about what we're doing.  I need FREE help while making the transition from the rented house to our very own  fixy-up, forever house. The bottom line is that I  need to generate an income from my time spent online - and that means being a virtual socialite, deploying tactics that can net me cold, hard, cash. I need to be SHOWN A PROFIT and that profit needs to be sustainable while other sources of income are out of action.

Shona Prophett is essential for this task, as we can't simply 'make ends meet' while renovating a house and creating a self-sustainable microholding that includes regular income generation. It needs to be a great deal more than that - it needs a supportive network of people, whose combined knowledge store can be tapped into by making the most of social media.

I'll mostly be asking questions and hoping to receive helpful hints, tips and advice. But, in so doing, I am inviting answers from social media moguls who represent themselves, their businesses and their clients' businesses, so it works both ways... it's free publicity for them and lending a helping hand to the new frugal entrepreneurs of this virtual world.

There's also the fact that I've now set up The Microholding Daily - a free, online newspaper that's generated from all the content linked to my preferred list on Twitter. You could be part of that, if you play your Tweets right.

Join us in the Frugaldom forums if you'd like to discuss this further.


  1. Would love to join in but the forum is down....


  2. It'll be back soon, must be a temporary glitch. Can't help speed things up, I'm afraid, as it's a free service.

    I noticed part of the Google site was down today, too, I can't access some of the Ad Sense stats. Then when I tried Twitter, I got the whale picture, telling me the site was over capacity!

    Is there a public holiday that nobody's telling me about, or do you think the web is just extra busy with people checking out the budget online from work? LOL


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