Thursday, 27 January 2011

Tales from the Frugaleur (Frugal Entrepreneur).

First month of 2011 almost over and the real challenge begins on 1st February. I've invited a few of the Frugaldom forum members, Twitter followers and Facebook friends to join me in this mini challenge - few are responding.

The challenge is to start with £10 cash and use it to begin our journey towards becoming frugaleurs - frugal entreprenuers. Can we turn a profit on our original investment within 10 weeks. The object of the game is to generate sustainable profits, but this is just the start. In order to beat the banks, we need only increase the £10 by around 6.7p, so it really shouldn't be much of a challenge.

So, time for me to clear the way to getting started for Tuesday 1st February 2011. I'll be documenting every step of the way, so feel free to comment, join in or just keep reading for the entertainment value alone.

There's a dedicated forum thread for this challenge HERE. Please feel free to visit.

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