Tuesday, 4 January 2011

More to Reconsider - More Budget Rejigging

Every Penny Really Does Count

Having just checked my Topcashback account, I see that it's offering a bonus for accepting Amazon vouchers instead of cash. Now I know that Frugaldom isn't meant to be about spending, but this could be an ideal way of racking up a few more pennies into the gifts category, freeing any cash already alloted to that elsewhere... It seems a pretty easy way to me to increase part of the gift budget savings by 2.5% rather than the 0% available from the current account.

Yes... I have talked myself into this one and just need to decide when to claim. There's £9.91 there at the moment, but it's £10.16 if I claim it as a gift certificate now.

Just in case you've missed this, if can sign up to Topcashback then you can get cashback from all your shopping when using their relevant links. Even those eBay purchases can earn you a few pennies back, as long as you remember to log into your account before shopping, bidding or buying. Since joining this site, I have accrued a total of £527.62 and have already claimed £476.87 And lest we forget, I normally pay everything I buy using a cashback credit card paying 1% with no fees - it all mounts up and every penny counts.

OK, I decided that a moneybird in the hand is worth two in the bush and claimed the £10.16 Amazon voucher. I'll let you all know how long it takes to arrive. I will need to rejig the Frugaldom challenge budget again to reflect this change in plans for the 2011 gifts category.

Never forget to ask...
  • Is there cashback available?
  • Is this available cheaper anywhere else?
  • Is there a bonus available for accepting vouchers rather than cash?
  • Is this the very best deal I can get? 

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