Monday, 3 January 2011

A Frugal Start to the New Year - or NOT!

Today dawned dry and crisp with a hint of sunshine, so it seemed like a good idea to make the most of the better weather to get more substantial items washed and out onto the line to air before drying them off indoors (usually draped over the doors). I decided that the cream throw that's normally over the couch would be the best thing to get done, so gave it a quick wash with some of the latest batch of homemade laundry detergent.  It smells lovely, with mandarin essential oil added to the mix!

The throw was hauled over the line and left to dry.

H was outside clearing space in the shed but it wasn't long before he appeared at the back door carrying a squirming cat - Scruffy, our wee frugal mouser in-training. Not only had she been jumping in amongst the hens and ducks, scattering them all ways, she'd been running through the mud and then decided that scaling the fabric wall that had appeared in the middle of our garden seemed like a fun thing to do! My lovely cream throw now has a full set of cat prints up one side, along the 'tightrope' that was the washing line, and down the other side! It really needs washed all over again but I'm wondering if the muddy pawprints might brush off once dried and then I can just throw the infernal thing back over the couch pawprint side down! The one that's on there just now has already got paw prints from where that darned cat jumped in the window!

Whose great idea was it to have a cat? Think I'd have been better sticking to trapping or baiting the meeskies that were invading the garage!

At this rate, Frugal pusscat will be posted on the Frugaldom forum as being in search of a nice, new home!

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  1. Sorry couldn't help but giggle at your post , the joys of household pets !


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