Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Lunar Eclipse on Winter Solstice - 21st December 2010

Got up really early this morning so I could watch the total eclipse of the moon. Felt a bit daft, as I hadn't checked the times for myself and H had said it was beginning at 05:28 so there I was, up and at 'em by 5am only to discover he hadn't been reading the times in GMT! No matter, it's a beautiful crispy morning and the cockerels are already crowing because the full moon reflecting off the fields of snow makes it almost daylight at ground level.

 Photography of this great lunar eclipse is a bit hit and miss, as I don't have a tripod for my little digital camera and the webcam has decided that it doesn't like -14C in the dark, it preferred to automate the LCDs and probably had the nearby farmhouse calling SETI to alert them to the presense of UFOs over Galloway.


Tuesday, 21st December 2010 - winter solstice and a total lunar eclipse - a very rare occurance for us mere mortals here on the great planet Earth.


I'll update the blog as the eclipse progresses. We have absolutely perfect meteorological conditions for viewing and it helps that the moon is now in front of the livingroom window, where I have the fire lit, and can be observed from the comforts of the fireside, coffee mug in one hand, camera in the other.


 My camera is unable to focus on the moon right now but 08:44 looks like total eclipse and it's a pale shade of pink against the lightening sky. With luck, the other camera will have caught some better photographs that I'll can upload soon. Hope everyone is able to witness the event, more photos to follow IF we can get any on standard digital cameras.


  1. great pics, we could just see it out of my bedroom window but it disappeared out of sight so had to make do with watching it on TV :(

  2. Doh! I never even thought about switching on the TV. It's 8am and we've completely lost sight of the moon, which is a shame, but it's just too light outside to see it now. Hens & ducks all running around, they've had their breakfast.

  3. Wow .......although not so wow at the time :)


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