Sunday, 12 December 2010

Inky Wants the Eggs Back!

Never mind ducks on the doorstep, Inky wants the hen eggs back!

Inky is such a cheeky hen, she's been up to mischief for as long as she's been old enough to leave the incubator. This is her the day she hatched out, on 25th March 2009 (black chick at bottom right of picture.)

  • She'll jump onto visitors' knees or shoulders if they're sitting in the garden
  • She waits at the gate every single morning for the postman to ensure she gets some crumbs of dog biscuit
  • She'll venture into the porch if the doors get left open
  • She hovers around beneath the wild bird feeders as soon as the sparrows and bluetits arrive to catch crumbs from the peanuts
  • She'll jump right up off the ground and snatch a beakful of whatever you're holding
  • She'll steal your lunch if you're eating it in HER garden.
  • She steals small toys and clothes pegs... the list is endless, she's just a crazy chicken.
  • Today, she decided it would be fun to ask for the eggs back!

I'd been outside collecting some more eggs and Inky had followed me up and down as I checked inside each of the coops. She jumped up the steps at the back door when I brought the eggs in, then looked at me in disgust as soon as she realised she wasn't going to be able to sneak indoors. I sat the eggs on the window sill whilst I hung up my jacket. I could hear a tap, tap, tap noise as I came back into the kitchen! Cheeky Inky had fluttered up onto the windowsill and was beak-tapping on the window as if demanding the eggs back!

I managed to grab the camera for a couple of shots, but the sun was shining directly into the glass. The pictures are a bit blurred and have my reflection in them, but they'll let you see my cheeky hen at work.

As a non-trained, completely amateur photographer, these are the closest I have come to snapping the group of wild Teal that are dabbling about in the marsh we can see from the front window. Best get the camera batteries back on recharge - again!

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