Sunday, 19 December 2010

In the Frugaldom kitchen now... white chocolate truffles


Dark chocolate truffle

After yesterday's batch of milk chocolate truffles coated in dark chocolate, I decided to repeat the same recipe but use plain chocolate with whisky cream liqueur for the fondant centres then cover the truffles in white chocolate. Costs are the same, as it's 30p per bar for the 100g plain, milk or white chocolate if you buy store's own basics.

The exact same quantities of each ingredient were used but I managed to squeeze 21 from this lot - it leaves a couple extra for sampling.

Melted white chocolate
I used a full 100g bar of white chocolate for coating the truffles and just rolled them in the melted chocolate. I also leave the bowl of melted chocolate inside the steamer, which is what I use as a frugal bain marie; it means the chocolate stays fully melted.

I cover a chopping board with greaseproof paper and ise this to set the chocolates, as it fits inside the freezer compartment of my fridge. This means the chocolate sets much quicker.

Dipped and dusted
As soon as the truffles are dipped, I sieved a mixture of icing sugar and cocoa over the top. They're looking and smelling delicious already. Ten minutes in the freezer should set them then I can sample to goods.

Ten minutes later...

The truffles are ready. I've removed them from the greasproof paper and they're now ready for packing into little presentation boxes.

All completes - these are dark chocolate centres with white chocolate coating, dusted with a cocoa and icing sugar mix. We've already tested one and they do taste as good as the smell. Frugaldom chocolate heaven for 2011. I LOVE making chocolates.

The finished product

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